The Root of Discrimination is Anchored in Selfishness and Greed

Discrimination is racisms' extremely ugly cousin. Racism is based on hatred toward a people different than your own and discrimination is the act of racism being carried out. Racism is what brought Africans to this country to work for free and discrimination is the act of keeping the descendants of Africans at the slave level.


Though Black Americans are no longer physical slaves, our status in America has been kept at a second-class level since the slaves were freed. Resentment toward the freeing of the slaves have caused white America to hinder the growth of Blacks in every area of life, including education, health, economically, and anything else that would prosper a people.

Whites cannot help but be racist toward other ethnic groups (Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and Jews), but their racism toward Blacks include a high level of discrimination. This is why Blacks are shut out of the housing, credit and educational markets; because whites do not want Blacks to attain anything of value. They hate to see Blacks prosper and will do everything they can to destroy any value they have. All for selfish reasons.

Such was the case in the Tulsa riots and the burning of Black Main Street; and in the Rosewood Massacre, An African-American community that prospered there in the early 20th century, until a white mob destroyed it in the 1923.

This is also why Blacks are harassed when they move into white neighborhoods and are denied loans, imprisoned at high rates (to exclude us from society), and why we are limited in the media from voicing these exact facts, and are ridiculed instead. The object is to always cast doubt on the abilities of Black people and to make it seem as though Blacks cannot achieve, but are dependent.

White folks do not want Blacks to ever have what they have and will vote against their own interest and deprive their own communities from having what they need if it will keep it out of the hands of Blacks. The Affordable Care Act is one case where whites supported the gutting of the law - even though millions of them benefitted from it - simply because they did not want Black folks to have affordable health care.

They will contradict their own laws and constitution as in the second amendment, where at first, they had no problem with a gunless society until the Black Panther Party decided to exercise their second amendment rights. Now they are willing to kill their own people to maintain that right.

Discrimination is at the highest levels of industry, corporatism and government. When Blacks become supervisors or managers they are resented by whites and many do not believe they owe that Black person the same respect they would give another white person. This attitude goes to the heart of individuals who hold a grudge in racism. And this is happening all over the world.

From the top down, selfishness and greed poison the hearts and minds of white folks and is why they have enacted laws meant to keep Black people at a certain level in life, which is below them. The most telling situation is the presidency of Barak Obama. Even to this day, their own president cannot live a day without revealing the resentment in his heart toward him and his success.