How the White Man Stole and Corrupted Christianity

Jesus Christ, his disciples, and the followers that made up the historic church after his death, walked the earth long before the white man knew anything about the teachings.

During the time of the Crucifixion, Rome (the white man) ruled in the region of Israel and politically approved the killing of Christ by the Jewish leaders. So there is no way or historical legitimacy to the claim that Christianity is the white mans religion. However, they did steal the religion, altered it to fit their worldview and conquest, and used it to oppress people of diverse lands.

The origins of Christianity are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, which are amendments to the concepts of the Old Testament and God's laws for humanity. The New Testament, are instructions to the followers of Christ on how to worship God, how to live a life of righteousness, and how to treat others fairly based on the concepts of love and honesty. Of the many instructions of life in the Bible for humanity, the white man - especially in America - has fallen way short of those concepts.

In fact, for the so-called religious right here in America, the Catholic Church, and for every white person who claims to uphold Christianity as their religion, they should never be allowed to hold a Bible in their hands until they learn the precepts. It is blasphemous for them to do so seeing they violate every commandment and concept of righteousness from Christ himself. Not to say that no other race of people have not done the same, but if a people lay claim to a religion, they should at least practice that religion sincerely.

God pronounce there are seven things that He hates: "A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren" (Proverbs 6:17-19).

White Europe and America hijacked Christianity and used it as an excuse to plunder nations and commit genocide on millions of indigenous peoples around the world. They tucked the Holy Bible under their arms as they deceived leaders of nations of their resources and made themselves filthy rich and called it the blessing of God. They invented deadly devises that annihilated millions of people of other colors with bullets and bombs and called it God's will for humanity. They pillaged the lands of poor countries and put a price tag on their resources to manipulate the world market.

The white man arrogantly anointed one man to stand before the world and claim sainthood by building a country around him as lord of all. They colonized nations in the name of Jesus Christ; they raped women of color for the lust of their maniacal kings and explorers; they enslaved stolen people to harvest sweets and mine jewels for the pleasure of their white queens and princesses, all in the name of Jesus Christ. And they declare war on innocent souls based on the evils of foolish pride and greed. This mindset is not one of a merciful and loving God, but of a demonic presence.

Christianity teaches to love thy neighbors of the world, but white people only love other white people and those who bow to them ignorantly. It teaches to be fair and just, but whites are only fair and just to other whites. It teaches to give onto others but whites believe in survival of the fittest and only the strongest survive as they withhold resources from those who need it most. It teaches that every person should live from the resources and harvest of the earth, but whites hoard those resources and distribute them to other whites only. It teaches mercy and forgiveness while whites believe in torture and punishment. It teaches love toward others while whites practice hate.

The American economic system is not based on the biblical concept that teaches to share Gods earth among all but on manmade ones that seek riches and wealth. The healthcare system serves only those who can afford it and who whites feel deserve care. The justice system punishes people who are poor and wink at those who are rich. The American population is segregated, classified and divided while the Bible teaches equality for all. Jesus taught peace while America constantly wars, encourages the use of guns for protection, revenge, and even policing.

Marriage is defiled in America, divorce is common, and fornication is rampant and normalized on national television. Pornography, gambling, drug use (legal and illegal), drunkenness, and all other sins discouraged in the Bible are normal and a part of everyday life in America, also among its leaders. The mental sins of arrogance, pride, anger, hypocrisy, lying, malice, fear, deception and many other spirits of the darkness are practiced daily within the systems of the country; the systems that teach our children, treat our sick, care for our poor and set in place to provide for our families.

Today, American leaders boldly lie. Police officers lie to justify killing innocent and defenseless people. Prosecutors lie in defense of those policemen, and judges uphold the lies by subverting justice in the name of Jesus Christ. Politicians lie and say whatever they think will get them elected and make promises they will not keep. Scholars write lies in books about the history of the world to shine a light on whites and blacken the history of people of color. White artist create fantasies of white saviors, heroes, and mythical gods to deceive children about who is good and who is evil.

White businessmen steal from the people, exploit workers for their own gain, and taint the goods and services, even food, they provide the public. Managers steal from their employers and are never found out but a poor person is imprisoned for stealing to satisfy their hunger. Preachers hang depictions of a white Jesus in their mega-churches and universities and drain hard-working people of their money claiming a need for building the Kingdom of God, yet they live fat on the land; all in the name of Jesus Christ. So-called good Christian people proclaim scriptures while secretly voting to segregate people of color and other religions.

Christianity is not the white man's religion nor did he write the Bible. He has no legitimate claim to the goodness and mercies of God because he constantly practices evil in many areas of everyday life. The white man is not blessed of God as long as his society is controlled by men and laws that oppress the poor, the fatherless, and the elderly. God is not the God of the wicked and He does not hear their prayers. If anyone wants to believe in God, they have to first believe that the white man is the complete opposite of all that God and Jesus Christ teaches. The white man is the Anti-Christ.

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