The Adolescence of white Intellect and Social Development

When white people name-call people of color, berate or enact racist stereotypes of other cultures, and make laws that neutralize the development of other races, for some reason they believe their behavior places them in a divine realm of racial superiority above others. For whatever reason, they cannot see how ignorant and prehistoric they look.

The public can expect such behavior from young children ages 5-12, but coming from grown folks who should have long past adolescence and at least into young adulthood, it testifies to the under-developed minds of a people with low intellectual maturity.

Humanity evolves over time, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. We grow and learn through experience, and trial and error how to function on this wild yet nurturing planet. As humanity grew from prehistoric times to the present age, we learned that cutting off the arm that's bleeding does not stop the bleeding.

We learned that riding was faster than walking, how to communicate despite language barriers, and also how to share resources from one region of the earth to another. Within this time span, humanity evolved into thinking, reasonable human beings and nations as we all adapted to the many environments.

But for some strange reason, white-Europeans lost a needed ingredient in human development during this evolution. Not all, but many. The abstract areas of their brains brought forth economic, technological, and governmental theories and realities of society, but in the areas of intellect and psychological development, they got lost.

Intertwining the abstract with the psychological may have caused a misfire in their brains. For instance, they believe in theories of survival of the fittest, whereas the strong control the weak, the rich rule over the poor, and of course their favorite, everything belongs to the whites; even - to their claim - intellectual superiority.

The last concept, however, cannot possibly be true simply because they do not see the error of their ways. If they had superior intellect, they would not believe in their theories of survival. They would understand that as people evolve, they have to a develop a balance physically, mentally and emotionally in order to maintain a connection to the earth for survival.

Africans, Native Americans, Asians, and Easterners, all understood this balance before the white man discovered them. Afterward, white men brought their theories and claimed superiority on a violent level, even to this day. They have never learned to balance with the earth or any other culture correctly.

Because they lack this link in intellectual development, they continually resort to violence when the situation calls for that very link they lack. So, they drop to the prehistoric mental level of name-calling, reactionary tantrums, and then violence, much like children between the ages of 5-12 do.

Children normally have parents to discipline and correct them, teaching them the concepts of courtesy, honesty, compassion, and respect for others. However, white people had no real parent such as a bond with the earth. No, they went inside their own minds and conjured up philosophies, theories, and mythical gods. Much like children do. And those gods told them to kill one another and others.

As stated earlier, not all white people think this way. Many have advanced morality and with natural human evolution along with the rest of the world. The ones who have not evolved are small in number but have always wreaked havoc on the rest of the world.

They operate from within the missing link of respect for others, compassion for humanity, honesty, courtesy and all other positive moral developments of humanity, and they feed off disrespect, cruelty, hatred, anger, and indifference towards any other people that are not white.

Too many people mistake this lack of humanity for a refusal to relinquish power and the fear of becoming obsolete in humanity, but that is wrong. This lack of humanity is a sure sign of white people's inability to evolve with the rest of the world; and their misunderstanding of what it means to be intellectually superior.

This is why they name-call, legislate bigotry, kill innocent and unarmed people, imprison, punish, burden, deprive and indenture as many people as they can. They have no real sense of what humanity's purpose is and how to function within a developed, mature society. These people should be ignored and ostracized from regular society.

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