How the U.S. Became the Most Infected Country in the World

The beginning of 2020 brought the deadly COVID-19 virus that swept the world infecting and killing millions. By June 2020, the United States became the most infected country in the world. While other countries had experienced and contained the virus early on, the United States infection rates increased week after week, month after month.


And like in any developed, functional society, the people of the world looked to their leaders for answers and a plan that would extinguish the flame, but something happened in the U.S. that caused it to drop below the concepts of developed, functional, and even civilized.

As a highly developed nation and supposedly much more civilized than "shithole" countries, this year irony at its best reared its head and the U.S. became the poster boy of the needy, starving underdeveloped nation they once so loved to portray in their poor, African nation infomercials. The flies were hoovering around American citizens as sorrow-drenched music tugged at the hearts of gullible viewers. Well, not as dramatic, but America's image was tainted and definitely seen as pathetic all over the world because they simply could not get their COVID numbers down.

U.S. leadership was so tied up in partisan politics, racism, and vengeance, that they could not see how to handle this attack from above, (or below). But the answer was as simple as a parent caring for their sick child who comes home from school with the flu. You quarantine them to their bedroom first, take their temperature, then you feed them with soups and liquids, (healthcare), to build their immune system, and then you show simple care and check on them from time to time. To their credit, however, the U.S. did quarantine their children but that was it. The healthcare part and the aftercare never came.

What came after the quarantine part was "Yep, you're sick, now get your ass up and go back to school." Not even a temperature check. This approach to the virus was far from functional. It lacked basic routine care, traditional remedies for cure, common sense, and especially concern and basic follow up. The U.S. approach was dysfunctional, irresponsible and careless. The children were left to fend for themselves and to fight for the essentials they needed to get better. Government leadership abandoned the people and left the individual states to take matters into their own hands.

Other proper functioning nations addressed their problem with precision and sincere concern for their citizens. They sacrificed their economies and put their people first, quickly, and trusted that the people and the economy would rebound only after the people were well enough to return to work. Not the U.S. though. Profits were tantamount and lives were placed on the back burner. The wealthy and their store-bought puppet politicians appealed to the patriotic American spirit and coerced them into risking their lives for the sake of the country's' economy, weeks and months afterward.

The primal consideration of healthcare (or the expansion of it) for those less fortunate, more susceptible (such as nursing homes, prisons and jails) or on the front lines was not even a fleeting thought to leadership; money was. They figured people needed money to pump into the economy above all else, so they gave out unemployment benefits, proving that America's capitalist pushers could care less about whether the workers are in healthy enough condition to even perform the jobs; and leadership also lacked the intelligence to understand that a sick workforce is an unproductive workforce, which at some point in the future will collapse under the workload. Oh, foolish Americans. How long must we watch you suffer yourselves.

On to the topic of what civilized means. A developed, civilized nation is one that understands how life works and how humanity is to survive and live along side and within the earth's environment. Basic concepts of agriculture, water and air purification, adaptation to the earth's weather cycles and enduring the many viral germs and diseases the earth throws at us once in a while. Sometimes we fall to the elements and most times we rise. But if the society shows fear and disrespect for the elements and changing cycles of the earth, they will fall victim and become extinct. Furthermore, if they neglect or ignore what the earth is saying, to focus only on the things they have created, they will lose what they have to the powers of the earth. This is what the U.S. did.

We are humans first and all humans need the same things. Food, shelter from the elements, clean fresh water and air; the human touch and companionship, care from others for their mental and physical wellbeing, and most of all, leadership that understands these very things. If leadership lacks the knowledge of life, the people will fail and that society will falter sooner or later. Withholding the basics of life from humanity is not humane nor does it reflect the traits of being civilized, and the people will soon realize that a leadership class that classifies other nations as uncivilized while blind to their own uncivilized behavior, is no longer a society, but a wasteland.