What Has Africa Done for Black America?

With all due respect to the Motherland, at some point Black America needs to ask itself this question. Better yet, we should be asking why the Presidents, Prime Ministers, or Kings of Africa, have not attempted to invest into the Black American sector of the United States knowing the persecutions we face.

Too many Pan and Pro-African advocates here in the United States lay burdenous guilt trips on Blacks bewailing us to acknowledge the ancestors, study our African history and culture, and to reject the white man's Jesus and turn to African spirituality, yet we have limited resources and time for those tasks and the Internet only reveals so much.

Many have searched endless genealogies for our roots, purchased African vestures and artifacts representing the homeland and some have even visited Africa when they have saved enough money to do so. However, not many Black Americans can afford those things given the circumstances of our economic plight under white oppression.

Here is a suggestion. How about if the leaders of Africa put forth an effort to reach out to us and lift the burdens of oppression from our shoulders. Have they donated to HBCUs? Have they attempted to build universities in the States that teach African culture and history? Have they offered us stock options for investment into Africa's future? No. Yet the continent is rich with resources. Can we at least get a check in the mailbox from them?

Have they advocated for reparations on our behalf to the UN or any world organization for justice and human rights? Have they offered trips to Africa, jobs, and living arrangements? Can we stop pretending there is unity while watching Hollywood flicks like Wakanda, and Coming to America? Have they been to the Caribbeans, the Dominican Republic, or even Haiti in the last 400 years? Hell, they never came looking for any of us during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

So what do these Pan-African advocates expect from Black Americans given the lopsided relationship with the Motherland? How about calling them and making suggestions along the lines of any of the above so we can identify with our African roots. How about they put forth an effort at liberating us instead of us celebrating them?

If this commentary is wrong or selfish in any way, and if there have been efforts by Africa to do any of these things that we do not know about, please contact us and let us know. Black America is weary in this fight and need some help from those who actually have the resources to do something.

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