Mon January 30 2023



What Has Africa Done for Black America?

With all due respect to the Motherland, at some point Black America needs to ask itself this question. Better yet, we should be asking why the Presidents, Prime Ministers, or Kings of Africa, have not attempted to invest into the Black American sector of the United States knowing the persecutions we face. Read More

The Adolescence of white Intellect and Social Development

When white people name-call people of color, berate or enact racist stereotypes of other cultures, and make laws that neutralize the development of other races, for some reason they believe their behavior places them in a divine realm of racial superiority above others. For whatever reason, they cannot see how ignorant and prehistoric they look. Read More

Uniting the whites Against the World

When at one time Russia was a sworn enemy of the United States and considered a rogue nation by the Reagan administration and every Republican administration since, only recently, under the last presidency, the hidden motive was unveiled to unite Russia and the United States as a world power: a white, world power. Read More

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