The Term WOKE Has Been Hijacked by Racist whites

Being Woke is a real thing. It is an old school slang word meaning to be enlightened to any new understanding on any given subject. Unfortunately, the word has been hijacked by racist whites to include everything and everybody they hate.

It is not a political state of mind, a legal theory, a crime or any sort of new age ideology; but it is used by politicians to make ridiculous, tax-payer funded laws, evangelical preachers that teach hate, and right-wing influencers to call people names. This new racist dog whistle is being thrown around like any other racial epithet added to the hate vocabulary of whites.

Included under the term WOKE are Blacks (in the form of BLM or social justice activist, or anyone who resist police brutality), the LGBT community, Democrats and liberals, teachers and college professors, nurses and healthcare workers who distributed the vaccine, anyone who wore a mask during the pandemic, scientist doing their jobs, weather men and women that point to the environment as climate change, women who need abortions, and anyone else they consider not on the extreme side of white, American patriotism or Christian nationalism. Even conservatives who have defected from following the moron in chief and who might have a sense of decency are being considered Woke, and traitors.

Of course, some of their fears included in the list are concerning as part of a society gone astray, such as sexually irresponsible abortions and alternative lifestyles that contradict nature, but all the other inclusions are just people being who they are and living life as normal, learning how the oppressor is using their power over others.

The problem is the anti-woke crowd are simply full of hate, violence and vengeance. They have no understanding of any other lifestyle except their own and have concluded all other colors of the racial spectrum on earth as obsolete.

So, they have lumped together everything under this one word. A sweeping generalization of people without any regard for individual beliefs or opinions, or any consideration to what is right or wrong, the anti-woke crowd would all but kill everyone under this term. This is the point of desperation they have come to in order to maintain power and control under whiteness.

Regardless of how bad they have demonized this word, people need to remain Woke to the plight of oppression in this country and around the world. It is nothing wrong with fighting for liberation and true freedom from racial hatred.

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