Inside the Illusion of Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture is a term used by people and organizations, typically conservative and evangelical Christians, who believe they are being persecuted or targeted intentionally by a higher authority in order to silence, restrict, or diminish their voice and actions.

This has led to criticisms and boycotts of government agencies, technology companies, politicians, celebrities or popular social media platforms who these victims claim are persecuting them. It has even stretched out to banks, insurance companies, fast food restaurants, manufactures and any person or entity the accusers have identified.

Their underlying claim is that those who do the cancelling are attempting to cut off their voices from the mainstream or trying to snuff them out all together; so the accusers feel persecuted and in return wage a war of resistance against the perpetrators by either trash talking them, publicly humiliating them, boycotting their products or services, or taking them to court.

The truth is, these people are not being cut off from society, they are being rejected for the things they believe and proclaim in public, which most of the time is either a lie, misinformation, fake news, a conspiracy theory, false doctrine, or simply meanspirited words or political policies toward other people. Thus, cancel culture is actually a rejection - by the general public - of stupid and idiotic words, actions and beliefs.

But somehow, the accusers have managed to disillusion themselves into believing they are being deprived of the freedom of speech or on a religious bases or have been the target of a conspiracy theory run by a worldwide system of a demonic cabal. When in reality, they are just rude people that want to say whatever they want regardless of how ridiculous, hateful or untrue it is.

Do not be threatened by these people. If they accuse you or your organization of "cancelling their culture," simply remind them that their hate, ignorance or violent rhetoric will not be tolerated. If they cannot accept that they are wrong in their words and actions, then they can scream and holler to the top of their lungs but will never get respect from anyone who knows the truth and understand facts.

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