Black America Need to Rise above Politics and Reach for Sovereignty

Scrupulous evaluation of the political environment of Black America reveals little change to the state of Black America. The Black community is once again in a fight to have voting rights for God's sake.

If the statistics on Black America remain the same from year to year, and in some cases get worse, how can anyone in their right mind believe that politics has helped Blacks in this country?

If more Black men are entering prison, more Black women and children are in poverty, more schools in Black communities are doing worse, Black families are disappearing, Black health is declining, and unemployment for Blacks remain stagnant, and all these statistics mirror 1970 stats, prove to the nation that the political offices held by Blacks, the Black mayors and council people, are making a difference.

Like a lie that works no more, politics and Black America is simply not mixing. Laws and policies are not there to help Blacks, but most are there to neutralize Black progress, be it in business, personal, housing, community or whatever would bring progress to the Black community, laws are made for the advancement of whites, not Blacks as a whole. The Black community is once again in a fight to have voting rights for God's sake.

The two-party system in this country ignores Black needs to fulfill their own. Congress is majority white, the Senate is majority white, the state's governorship is all white, and the president's administration is majority white, and if there is a Black face in the mist of any of the above, it means nothing because the agenda is all white.

America, including its politics, is a system based on white needs, not Black ones. Black so-called leaders who encourage us to vote for either of the political parties are wasting their time and energy trying to change the hearts and minds of a people determined to feed their own before any others. And why is there no other option for Black progress other than government?

Black America must design and build a shadow system of government, finance and education alongside the white ones. Many believe that this government owes Black America something for the crimes of slavery and the disenfranchisement of the Jim Crow era and rightly so, but this government in all its whiteness will never concede or give in to our demands, let alone pay reparations.

Black America must make them pay by constructing a sound legal argument against the crimes and take them before their own courts and the courts of the world. To succeed in this endeavor, Black minds must come together and collect the financial means from Blacks who claim the mantle, but parade in the white world.

Politics is not the answer for Blacks in America, a strong, collective movement is necessary; led by Black men and women who can rise above the dead ends of politics. Something new must be implemented if Blacks want to improve their quality of life and for every Black person in this country to have any chance at survival and existence.

Here are 10 basic suggestions:

  1. Begin an investment fund and solicit Black entertainers, athletes, and business people.
  2. Start an independent minority party, including Hispanics, Indians, Asians and other
  3. Run a grassroots campaign of recruiting talent, skills, and labor to build
  4. Agree on a product for manufacturing and distribution i.e. energy, food, or housing
  5. Offer a nationwide affordable service, i.e. health/home insurance, private education
  6. Develop a minority stock market and involve the working poor
  7. Network and do business with foreign countries by import and export
  8. Design and implement a system of alternative justice to offer our youth a second chance
  9. Design a national program that train the young in the ways of family and social relations
  10. Establish military-type training for students fresh out of high school, yet not as an army

These efforts will not be the efforts of many different organizations, but of one national organization. There will be various branches of the organization but only one central base. With the right leadership and vision, this can work because it has worked in times past for other peoples who felt the pressures of government oppression.

This concept may sound far fetched now but in years to come, when there is a white organization that implements this because they feel the oppression of the U.S. government, then Blacks will want to join in, but this will be a mistake because once again they will fall under white rule.

Black America has to wake up from their slumber and begin to build something contrary to this corrupt system of American politics. We cannot depend on it any longer to look out for us; we need to look out for ourselves. Contrary to popular opinion, beginning a system such as this does not mean we are separatist, it means we are fed up with being separated.

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