Black Activist Advocate for the Brotha's, then turn Around and Call Each Other Nigga's

During the Black Power Movement, pro-Black abolitionist fought in the struggle with a sense pride, dignity and respect for one another. Determined to cleanse the hate-inflicted racial filth of the Black community from browbeaten victims to self-sufficient, strong Black families, they all knew there was a difference between an intellectual Black man and a sellout.

Nowadays, the so-called Black activist have lost that pride and dignity because they shout from their white-based social media platforms and sold-out concerts about the injustices done to Black celebrities and sports figures but get behind closed doors, in celebrity VIP mixes and fraternal gatherings and call each other nigga's. Black comedians, rappers, Hip Hop artist and even some self-proclaimed educated and accomplished brothers continue to use that word knowing damn well it is nothing more than an offshoot of the word nigger.

These must be the children of the sell outs the pro-Black movement was talking about back then. They are the bastard class the white man has tagged as those who grew up with no fathers. They were raised by their mothers and gang members and were never taught to respect their people and heritage, and they instead feed into the narratives of white hate. They pretend to support one another to look 100 and real to their sycophants but do the white man's bidding by diminishing their brothers and their community's own self-worth by using that dumb-ass word.

The women too, have dropped to their knees also, disrespecting one another, the brothers, and their own bodies. Pushing out multimillion dollar albums with lyrics straight from a middle school cafeteria; influencing young brothers and sisters to disrespect themselves, their parents and their family traditions. This is the filth of the Black community being set on high in profile for the world to see the ignorance they are being paid by the entertainment and corporate media plantation.

Intellectual Black men see through this and have perfected the first principles of self-respect and to have dignity by not using the word nigga in casual conversation. They have figured out how to purge that term from their vocabulary and replace it with something positive, uplifting and pro-Black instead of off-white. The sellout, instead, still uses the word in public in the media, on stage, in interviews on the radio and like it is an actual "term of endearment."

These ignorant Negroes got nerve to call themselves pro-black advocates for the Black community. They nothing more than bought and paid for empty souls for use of the white man to further his agenda in undermining the humanity of Black people. These men deserve no respect until they stop using that word amongst themselves. Unfollow and unfriend these fools unless you yourself are one. Do not purchase they crap or support their causes or you, and them, have sold out the Black community to the white man and his hate.

What is a nigga anyway?

Remember this; a nigga refuses to learn and grow. They would rather remain in a state of ignorance because they think it helps improve their swag. They are the dudes in school who were smart and knew the answers but decided to play dumb and give stupid and wrong answers for a laugh. But they got stuck in that ignorant mode as they got older. They idolize rappers, sports figures, and ballers because they cannot identify with intelligence.

A nigga thinks everything is funny. He does not know when to be serious and people have to ask him constantly to take certain things seriously. They think personality is the key so they present themselves in public dressed for the occasion. They have not learned that intellect is the true key and serious people will only respect your mind, not what you have on or what you drive. They see the world and women the same way; if it does not attract their eye, they will not take it seriously.

These people have no respect for relationships. They will cheat with their friend's girlfriend or wife and think they did something good, because they have no respect for friendships. They were not taught how to respect women or another brother, which reveals the low self-esteem, worth and value of themselves. Of course, if they will disrespect others, they will steal from another also, a friend, a woman, and even children and have no concern for what it does to that person or how it effects their lives. Hence the multimillion-dollar sales of trash music, cuss words, and sexual exploits they push out to kids and whoever else will purchase their filth.

Regardless of how much money they have, niggas have no respect for unity or any serious concern about Black togetherness. They see a good thing going for the Black community and step in full of jealousy just to destroy it. This is because they have no purpose other than what is in it for them. They are selfish, self-centered, and spoiled like little girls. They will sell out as fast as Beyonce tickets to middle school girls. They have never grown past being the center of attention from their mamas. Intellectual Black men intimidate them which is why they have to push them out of their lives right away or undermine their efforts at progress. They always got beef with somebody; always involved in drama just like a female.

The pro-Black brothers knew these people and how to deal with them. They called them out in public and exposed their crimes against the Black community with no remorse. The brothers pointed them out to their sons and daughters as examples of sellouts and traitors to their race. This is why there are some intellectual Black men and women out there who do not follow the ignorance of these people. They think they have the Black community as fans and so do their white plantation owners, but little do they no that those who follow them are few, broke, and just as ignorant as them.

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