A Movement Toward Black Nationalism

One scenario white America fear most is the idea of Blacks governing themselves independently of them, especially Blacks from America. There have been - and continue to be - rigorous efforts to thwart the development of an entirely Black-run nation within the U.S. and abroad - where whites directly or indirectly rule through structures of colonialism.

Back to Africa movements have been attempted from the days of slavery with Paul Cuff (1759-1817), who made the first attempt to establish a black American colony in Africa, transporting several dozen people to Africa, to the early 20th century with W. E. B. Du Bois who developed a sophisticated rationale for a Pan-African movement that would join blacks in America and Africa; In 1910, The leader Marcus Garvey, recruited thousands into his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and its goals for a black nation oriented toward Africa but controlled by Black Americans.

Later in the 1930s, under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam exchanged the goal of a separate nation outside the United States for one of independence and autonomy within the United States. Each of these movements was resisted fiercely by either white supremacist or the Federal Government, who would that Blacks live dependently and lazily under their rule in a modern-day indentured servitude.

Other movements since the late sixties have tried to advance into the concept of Black Nationalism but with little success. However, the Civil Rights Movement grew large beneath the wings of the US Government simply because it was, and is, a movement whites can manipulate with Black leaders they engineer.

The Black Panther Party, another Black movement that functioned under the concept of Black Nationalism, wanted nothing more than to control and protect their own communities against police brutality and occupation. This, the white establishment could not allow because it meant them relinquishing control of the dependency of Black ghettoism, where Blacks are assured social-economical destitution.

Among the devices used to stave-off the building of a Black nation or enclave, was either terrorism, practiced by white supremacist to burn crosses and kill Black men and rape and degrade Black women without justice, military force, police force backed by laws and the prison system, capitalist land-developers, banking policies, bureaucracies, and to this day, psychological warfare engineered behind long-term plans of Black neutralization.

Many, if not all, of these tactics are still used to stop the development of Black independency. In one form or another, whites make sure that a self-regulated and maintained Black Nation does not come to pass, even if it means killing off or publicly destroying the minds who conceive such plans for Black people.

Black Nationalism, defined for today, is the idea of separating from the greater white society - where we are not welcomed to an extent - and beginning an economic, social, and political system controlled by Blacks and Blacks only. Theoretically, Black Nationalism is just that, a separate Black Nation, either within, or without America, much like Indian reservations, where the predominant people run the educational, cultural, and economic systems.

Physically, there have been attempts and suggestions to return to Africa and or stay here in the US and occupy one of the 50 states. The reality of both may seem far-fetched only because many Blacks think we have to get "permission" from whites and that they would deny us of such efforts. This is why many Blacks feel reparations is necessary because it would give us the financial means to begin anew or to develop within. But this theory is flawed.

But Black America cannot build an infrastructure as long as jealousy, white terrorism, political oppression, and systemic neutralization are at work.

What white America would have Blacks to believe is that we are not ready for reparations even if the agenda came before Congress, thus giving the illusion that Black leaders do not have their stuff together, in other words, too many questions are left unanswered. Which is true to an extent. Black America must first build an infrastructure and then get Reparations.

But Black America cannot build an infrastructure as long as jealousy, white terrorism, political oppression, and systemic neutralization are at work. Blacks are caught between a rock and a hard place because white America never has any intensions of compensating Blacks. They hate and fear us too much.

If they had any decency or sense of humanity, they would know they owe us and make efforts to repay us for the suffering we have endured and we do endure, but that is not their nature. The nature of whites and the US Government is to control all they can and reduce any people to a people who cannot rise against them in any area, economically, socially, or politically. Thus, the fight for reparations is a mute fight simply because the guilty must first confess to the crime before they repay the victim rightfully and justly. If not, the guilty will always look on the issues with apathy and resistance.

Black Americans who seek justice for the crime of slavery and oppression must first realize that there is no empathy for our plight, and we must do what we will do ourselves. We must unite with an agenda that will address all the problems of Black America on every level and for every breed and stock of Black America.

There are many kinds of Blacks in America, and they all have their own interpretation of what reparations should be. Many Blacks do not see the importance of a solely governed Black nation and are just as content living on the white man's porch and voting in his systems. But those who do see the need should gather all the opportunities there is that will relieve them from under the foot of white influence and oppression.

Blacks must also know that to begin something of this magnitude must be done tactfully and with a plan, much like the ones began in our history. We must also realize that there will always be efforts by white rule to thwart any efforts at building Black, thus we must prepare for that fight, be it psychologically and physically.

Civil Rights is not Black Nationalism, it is white passivism disguised as recompense to Black Americans. They feel that as long as we fight for those rights and they give us a portion of what we ask for, that we are happy and will continue to follow their lead. Civil Rights and the Black leaders who preach them are Black men and women made by the white establishment to thwart anything other than that.

As long as Blacks remain Civil Rights advocates and tokens, Black people as a whole will never - by way of help from those Blacks - have the incentive to build. However, Blacks who see through the facade of white oppression can begin by simply knowing that we are not alone, many have tried in our past, and many are still trying today, with even more opposition, and many will continue to try in the future.

Let us continue to build and not stop.

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