Black America Needs a Cultural Revolution

How many times and how many more years will our so-called Black leaders' pound into our heads this half-baked and ill effective notion that voting will solve our problems? Turning out to vote in elections by Black voters testifies to our numbers among the populous but it cannot and never will change our situation. We must stop depending on white politicians to make change for us and do it ourselves. Damn!

A change in culture will definitely do it. Information and education (not in the form of news and schooling), but in the way of daily mental reconditioning. Urban morning radio is the perfect venue to retrain the Black mind. Instead of pushing idiot-ass jokes and exploitive rap and soft porn music into our brains, there should be a steady stream of positive and informative messages. The Black urban community needs to know what resources are immediately available to them and how to access them. They need to hear from leaders who will encourage them, not exploit them.

They need to know what tools will assist them in their own business ventures, who will support those ventures, and how to direct their profits afterward. They need developmental activities for families, activist and organizations who seek to improve community conditions. They need alternatives to gangs, drugs, and sexual activity and should not have to wait on politicians to deliver solutions through policy.

The Black community can start our own schools and businesses for jobs if graduates came together for that purpose instead of assimilating into the white workforce. A Black leader that can manage that project in many urban cities would be greatly appreciated and respected. Instead of making others rich, the Black mind needs to understand that greed and selfishness is why we are in the situation we are and learn to think about others first as a whole and not on an individual level; i.e. survival of the fittest capitalism. Many are weak when a few are rich but we are strong when the resources are shared. That is mental reconditioning.

Instead of Black Hollywood complaining about Black inclusion, they should refocus and rechanneled their efforts and energy to developing a Black Hollywood using the talent in urban cities around the country. There is too much dependency on white America to solve our problems for us. Politicians, Hollywood, radio, educational institutions and city governments do not have Black America's interest at heart; we should have learned that by now. However, throwback Civil Rights leaders remain blind to that fact, just like the establishment politicians who run this country.

Political and cultural revolution is happening right before our eyes yet we cannot seem to grasp any new innovative ideas and solutions because we are so dependent on people to do it for us. Constant action to assimilation into this society and become recognized by white America has only lifted our heads above the sand and not our minds or bodies. Protest, marches and voting will only keep us further neutralized and dependent.

Black television and radio stations with strong Black leaders that have a vision of self-sufficiency should develop to expand, educate and inform the Black community toward independency, not assimilation. Too bad our Black leaders are so mentally whitewashed they cannot even think for themselves.

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