The News Media is Intensifying Racism, Fear, Political Division and War

Paid for by the wealthy behind their agenda to create a world of hopelessness and desperation, corporate media has gone to the extreme to portray the world and many countries as a place of gloom and chaos. The point is to bring the people to the point of dependency on rich men who have devised maniacal plans of world dominance.

Through visual imagery and a constant stream of bad news, from the world economy to crime, (race, religion and gender), to political gridlock and government coops, takeovers and wars, climate catastrophes, high rates of poverty, threats of plagues, viruses, and incurable diseases, the mainstream media - all over the world - have the people in a state of despair.

But when you walk outside and down the street to the store or to the park, the birds are singing, children are playing, the neighbors are waving, and people are minding their business. The only time you see chaos is when you turn on the news. This is a form of psychological traumatizing via endless propaganda. It directs people's minds into a defensive fight or flight mood at all times, paranoid and prepared for battle.

The media tells us that in the United States guns sales have risen and the police have taken sides. We are currently living in a societal crisis of white rage based on pictures of people harming them, their communities and their country. Politicians make promises based on the false imagery and tell lies to citizens to get votes. Police are abusing and killing people because of these images and stereotypes. Organized white gangs have taken to the streets to kill people they do not even know based on lies from the media.

They say groups of people have banned together and vowed to kill anyone who have threatened their way of life based on what the media have told them about the border, jobs being taken, and nonreligious lifestyles. Sports figures, Hollywood celebrities, local and federal politicians, lawyers, judges and anyone else making six figures a year are lying and getting away with crimes that normal working people would go to jail for.

Blatant racism has taken hold of the minds of people who have no self-control and who have blanketed themselves in news coverage day in and day out. Kids are blurting out racist names at their classmates and neighbors. School administrators, corporate management, service staff and co-workers have lost their minds by siding with offenders and defending their obnoxious behavior; posting worthless apologies on social media to cover their filth and shame.

Reports are that Blacks and other people of color are being persecuted, fined and sentenced to higher degrees of punishment than whites, more often. Whites are flashing white privileges cards as jokes and tactlessly taken seriously. The N-word is heard more, antisemitism is rampant and on display, women are being exploited and there are no holds barred on hate, white privilege or anger. The law stinks; the rich are safe, and justice has gone astray. And the media has nothing to say about anything but what the people are doing to harm their wealthy superiors.

They act like the political elections are a close race when in reality the people are sick and tired of the rule of the wealthy and the cruelness behind it. The freedom of religion, the second amendment, the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech and the rule of law have all been compromised and the politicians of this country do not know what the hell to do about it, except to allow the right to vote to be taken away so their corporate overlords can have complete control.

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