The Military Blackout Movement

Black America will not fight wars perpetrated on innocent and defenseless countries.

Our young Black men and women will instead pledge their allegiance to the BlackOut Movement, in which Black Americans will not join the U.S. Military until we are respected by and no longer targets of the U.S. Courts and law enforcement agencies. The BlackOut Movement is a fund and movement for our own defense.

Why should we fight for a country that shoots to kill our young Black men (and women)? A country that orchestrates an entire system of private prisons to confine and neutralize us and a court system that makes laws specifically for the imprisonment of Blacks? Why should we train to assassinate people of other nations who have done nothing to us as a people in defense of a country who pillages and plunders countries for their natural resources?

Do not encourage your children to join the United States Military any longer. Instead, have them donate to and organize for Black America's BlackOut Movement. The funds are distributed to families in need of attorney's fees, bail, and support of victims' families. Please donate to the fund and if you have a need or know a Black family in need, fill out the form below.

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