Over 1000 powerful Black-related Articles; dating from the 2002 Afro beginning

channels3 (4K)Black Liberation

Concepts of Liberation...

The Object of Social Control is to Create more Poor
Guns and Bibles Defend Against the New Socialism
The 7 Sins of Materialism
Unconscious DoubleThought: The Flaw of New World Thinking
Taxpayers Money in the Hood
Insurgent Whites Declare Open Season on "Niggers"
The Power of Black Unity
Barak Obama and America's Black Men
These Men Are Deceivers
Organized Slavery in a Free Market
This is not the Promise Land
From Humility to Honor: Black America's Rise in Power
The United States Government War on Black Men
American Christianity and the Devaluing of Black Life
The Voices of Truth are silenced: CNNs Made-up Black America
Twisted Gratitude: White America wants a Thank you from Black America
The Goliath Project: the Answer to Eradicating Racism and Achieving Black Liberation
Why the Poor are Poor
Hypocrisy Infinity
The Social Connection between Church and Community

reading2 (11K)New Archives

Latest in the Afro series...

No One should feel Obligated to Support Gay Marriage, Especially Blacks
Food Prices Remain High
Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)? How About Mayors Against Bigoted Judges
How to Live the New American Dream
The Darkside of Capitalism
Zero Tolerance for Hostile Cops
The Ultimate Setup: The Suspicious Rise of Black Leadership
The Making and Use of the American Uncle Tom Negro
Natural Born Murderers
A Deeper State of Illusion: Immorality on the Rise in America
Top 10 Reasons Black Women Cannot Find a Good Man
The Oscar Grant Files
Katrina Reinforced Slave Cruelty
Reaping the Sowings of the Prosperity Gospel
Diversity Candidate Identification: Check Black and you stay unemployed
This is not the Promise Land
The White Media's Profound Infatuation with Blacks
How America Can Redeem Itself
Forgive Us Our Debt
In Defense of the Black Father
The Statistics are in on American Racism
How the Black Media is Tearing down Black Intellect
Black America, Aids and the big white lie
Why White Folk Took Harlem
Warren Ballentine is no Limbaugh
Blacks Genetically Prone to AIDs is a Damn Lie
After Obama: Black America Weighs In
Racism HAS Intensified since Obama became President
National Attack on Blacks through your Local News Affiliate

afrogirl (5K)Columnist

New articles by columnist...

The Fox fueling flames of hatred
Political Transition and Constructive Symbolism
False Positive: The HIV testing conundrum
White Hair Arrogance, Prudence and Principles
The Quest for Education
Being Clear and Forthright about our Endeavors
A Nation of Cowards
Fight Foreclosure: Make 'Em Produce The Note!
Monkey Business
The Patterson Automobile Company
Historical Atrocities and Reparations
Denmark Vesey's Fire of Resistance
Black Americans, States Rights and the Constitution
No More Booty Ads in Source Magazine
America's Challenge
Time: Does it assess and Change Us?
Obama Primed to Stop Torture
NRA: the magazine that rivals our future
The Murder Of Oscar Grant Is Nothing Unusual
A Cold Blooded Execution or Inadequate Training?
Criminal Injustice System
Money Fraud
The State of Black Leadership
To A Penal System Regenerating Character or a Subtle Industry
The De-Evolution of Humanity?
Have we learned to tolerate this daunting Bear?
A New American Chapter
To Build on a New Cause, seek the Recalcitrant

afroman2 (2K)Submissions

From around the Diaspora...

2009 Angersession is Not the 1929 Depression
What you Focus on the longest becomes your strongest
Outsourcing American Jobs or Desperately Seeking Slavery?
White On White Crime
I saw them all: Full Circle
Economic Collapse of 2008 An Inside Job
The Secret Governmental War on Black America
US War Invasion-Occupation of Pakistan
The Ideal Lawyer
How Does Barack Obama Close the Deal? Follow Michael Jackson's Example - Turn White
Would Sojourner Truth want to 'lick A Rapper?'
A New Theory of Evolution: Survival of the Optimist
Political Transition and Constructive Symbolism: The Barack Obama Era and the Future of Black Politics
SHIV & EAIDS = Self Hate Immuno Viron
Black Goddesses vs. black bitches
Save My Marriage Today!
500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets.

blkcommunity (3K)Community

The culture of cities...

Suburban Living
Urbana Lifestyle
Ethnic Stratification
Class Culture
Crme & Drugs
Work Force
Gender Studies

private (3K)Education

A child's education...

Public Schools
Private Schools
Higher Learning
School Policy

hollywood (3K)Entertainment

The mainstream media...


afrofam (36K)Family

Family living and ways...

Family Lifestyle

doctrine (2K)Spirituality

Studies, doctrines, churches...

Church Doctrine
False Prophets

fitness (3K)Health

How we feel and behave...


afrolosophy2 (4K)Afrolosophy

The CR Hamilton collection...

The Existence of God and Authenticity of the Bible
Preparing for the Coming Race War
Black Empowerment or Civil Rights
Check Mate: Afromerica Completes the Bell Curve
Afromerica Buries Black Leadership
There Is Only One Truth
Slavemaster Mentality: White America's Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants
Combating Honky Ideology
An Open Letter To The Mainstream Media
Operation Multiply: A Covert Strategy Against Black Male Genocide
Black Voices, White Minds
Moving Beyond the Primitivism of Racism
Black Leaders' 'Covenant' vs. The Afro National Federation
Identify Yourself: Gathering The True Black Soldiers
Humanity and Survival
Shiny Things: The Beginning Dialog with Black America
Martin's Dream: Not in Our Lifetime

sistablknwht2 (4K)Columnist

From the columnist archives...

Thomas Duffy - The Open Mind
Deborah Maisonet - Biz Bytes
Dan Hardman - The Burning Bush
Junious Stanton - Positively Black
E. Lee Sullivan - A Whole 'Nother Zone'
Orisis - Chief Elder - Revelations
Herbert Harris - Thoughts for Success
M. Bennett Hooper - Segmented Realities
Jim Neusom - City Lights Reporter
Kevin Ervin - Inner Self
Steven Malik Shelton - Vantage Point
Sumumba Sobukwe - Dating Games
Olawale Oyewumi - The Voice Of Mankind
Joseph Carswell - Free Your Mind
Anjela McKenzie - It Takes A VIllage
Jerry Smith - It's Still Time
Anthony Quinones - In The Black
Cathy Harris - How To Take Control
Matthew Lynch - Matthew's Musings

history (3K)World Culture

There is more to life...


system (2K)Justice

The US judicial system...

The System
White Collar
Hate & Racism
Juvenile Delinquency

ethics (4K)Black Ethics

Self and community...

Social Networks

parties (2K)Politics

The halls of Congress...

Party Politics
Civil Rights

intelligence (3K)Life Learning

The keys to knowledge...

Girls Wear Earrings
Rules for Black Wealth
The Truth About the Hip Hop Generation
Black Men Should Only Apply
Thoughts of a Black Youth
Redefining the Stages of Life for Black America
Marketing to Black America
...more Life Learning

soulmates (2K)Relationships

Our life-long relations...

The Husband Syndrome
Soul Mates
Why Women Cannot Find a Good Man
Doggy and Pussy Rule: A Message For African Liberation
Inner-Race Relations in a Racial Society
If You Love Me
Black Love, in Modern Day America
...more Relationships

poetry (4K)Poetry & Prose

The poetic talents...

Poor Obama, Poor Us
A Mentally-Spiritually Sick Person
Me Money, Their Greed - (based on Kanye West's "Golddigger")

Visit the poetry archives of Afromerica. If you would like to submit a poem, follow this link.

interview (16K)Careers

Our livelihood each day...

10 Tips for Acing That Interview
Entrepreneurship: Another Option
Educated For Work
Measuring Our Success
Transfer Your Skills for a Change of Career
Useless Resume Objectives
Going Wages Shows Racism in Practice
...more Careers

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World Culture

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