America the Not So Beautiful

The day and the hour have come. The smoke can be seen from afar off around the world as the once great nation burns to the ground. Many are astonished and many still stand in denial as the foundations break apart and the light that burned for hundreds of years now dims.

The pillars of freedom and justice crumble under the weight of perversion and blatant corruption. Fear spreads, violence and hate take to the streets, the gatherings of pastimes are cancelled. Merchants live in doubt and turn to other nations for relief as plagues, famine, and the wrath of God judges her.

Her crimes against humanity has returned to her, double. And her crimes are clearly seen in the words of its leader. Hatred and distain for people of color. Campaign promises of keeping them in their place; disenfranchising them from general society and from the freedoms it claims are for all.

This is the perfect time to repent and ask for God's forgiveness. As half the country follows the doctrine of discrimination on the platform of white privilege, and the division of political allegiance tears the country in two, now would be the time to get the whole America to make a change.

Both presidential candidates should get on their knees before the nation and God and ask for forgiveness. Right the wrongs of the past and set the record straight. Disband greed and deliver the poor and oppressed; the burdened and those indebted to the wealthy.

This is the perfect time to free the prisoners, feed the hungry, and heal the sick. This is the perfect time to break the stronghold of the evil one and clean house. In one day, this country can make a change that would justify its existence and truly make it beautiful.