Have Faith in the Power and Bow to No Man

You do not have to believe in God or Jesus Christ. You do not have to believe in Allah or Buddha, the Virgin Mary or any other deity man places as a god. But you cannot deny the concept and theory of natural law.

Gods and myths of gods have always existed in humanity and will always exist. It is up to the individual man to believe or not to believe. It is your own faith that will determine your final resting place after your life here on earth. If you believe there is nothing hereafter, then when you die, there will be nothing. If you believe you came from an ape, then back to an ape you will go, and so forth. Faith is a natural law that cannot be denied no matter how many laws you write or ordinances you instill in humanity, faith is within the soul and can and will never fade away. The choice of doing good or evil works the same way. If you choose to do wrong to your neighbor, that is something no one can take from you regardless of what laws are on the books. If you decide to do good toward your neighbor, that too, is your faith at work and nothing less. It is your choice how you will walk through life and what you want to believe. What we are actually left with is man's laws of how society will function and we all have to submit to those laws at some point in time if we want to survive in life. Some laws are just (fair) and some are not and those who keep the laws are of a certain faith and those who do not keep the laws of man are of another faith and have concluded that life works the way they want it to. Bottom line, we live day to day and believe whatever it takes to get us through that day.

The concept of religion has taken man and whole societies in various directions, have segregated people of different colors and nationalities and have been the reason for wars, oppression, and all things good and evil. In the case of American society, our culture dictates what we should believe and in what fashion and order of worship we should believe, such as in Christianity and the various denominations of Christianity: Baptist, Methodist, Protestant or whatever the creed of faith may be. The country was founded on the concept of Christianity and many laws and mores were established to bring about our current religious culture. Confessions to Christ and God have set the course of life as we know it and the foundation of American society have remained stable for hundreds of years based on Christianity. However, in the past 50 years, that foundation has been shaken and people are running to and fro seeking a different something to believe in and the fibers of the Christian faith have been threatened. Allah has raised a hand in worship in America, Jehovah, Buddha and other gods of foreign decent have weaved their way into the fabric of American society and now we all lay in a bunker holding tight to what we believe, individually.

America as a country used Christianity to colonize this land and to grow wealthy and have dominion over the indigenous peoples and used Christianity to enslave and indoctrinate.

Black America has suffered as slaves to the Christian faith and many Blacks now believe that Christianity was and still is used as a hindrance in the development of Black life. Many have abandoned the Christian faith and sought out other forms of gods and even to the point of choosing not to believe in any god at all. However, as stated earlier, that is their choice to do so and will always be their choice. Whatsoever they feel is above them as in the form of a divine power that is what they will face when they pass on. Unfortunately, only some of this theory is true. America as a country used Christianity to colonize this land and to grow wealthy and have dominion over the indigenous peoples and used Christianity to enslave and indoctrinate. They opened their Bibles and taught the order of obedience to African slaves, men and women, and further used it to maintain balance and order yet never looked at the fact that what they were doing was against the very Bible they preached from. As a result of their own hypocrisy, they have been rewarded through the law of nature, which is the rise of human will, and have had to release their oppressive and sometimes violent grip on Blacks over the past four-hundred years. They have realized all the restrictive laws and ordinances that were designed to keep Blacks in a certain place in society and have had to face the wrongs and the guilt of their atrocious deeds. Whether one believes that God helped to release the grip or the laws of human nature did, there was a force higher than the white man's mind that was able to defuse his cruelty. Nevertheless, that cruelty remains, yet in more subtle forms. It is still active and at work and there remains a struggle that all people should fight to overcome for the sake of humanity and the country's future.

Solutions came about in the form of resistance, rebellion, and defiance through the will of Black men and women who simply refused to be treated like cattle and animals so they could live a decent and normal life that all humans deserve. Slave revolts were staged; marches and protest, and moments of violence ensued so that a new generation could rise from that oppression and live safely. Humanity learned valuable lessons and the cruelty stepped back and gave way to humane treatment of their fellow man. Laws have been rewritten and doors have been opened so Blacks can walk and grow as people and not animals in this land of so-called opportunity. People have prayed to, wished for and petitioned higher authorities that they believed were there to correct the wrongs being done to an entire race of people by another. And those seemed to work, but whether they can be attributed to one or all of the sources higher than mankind's cruelty, they worked nonetheless. Blacks must believe and know that there is a higher authority beyond the injustice we face even today and that the treatment we receive as citizens of this country have yet to be completely realized. We must acknowledge this and continue to fight the fight of faith. Resisting the concept of a higher authority and to lay down and accept second-class citizenship is a defeatist mindset and will never advance our cause any further. We must know that we are being mistreated unjustly and petition a higher authority through the use of our faith in whatever we believe is stronger than oppression. We cannot deny the existence of God or a god that will break the stronghold of human oppression and that will make ways for righteous treatment for humans in the ways of natural law. The main concept being, we cannot do nothing in the face of injustice. The worse thing that a Black person can do this day and age is to ignore the wrongs committed against us and act as though they do not exist or that everything is alright, especially after the many hundreds and thousands of negative media propaganda articles and images pushed on society right under our noses. If we stand by and accept these ratchet forms of degeneration, we are giving our permission for the oppressor to continue to do whatever is in their imaginations to do. And we know how deep and dark their imaginations run.

Resistance is key. Not physical or unlawful resistance, but mental resistance. Refuse the immoralities of this society; things that take humanity in the directions of immoral behavior and unnatural law. There are things against nature that are being promoted as normal in today's society and Blacks must not become a part of these immoralities or else they will suffer the same fate as those who practice these immoralities. If we become as oppressive as the oppressor, we too, will suffer the judgment of whatever higher power it was that broke the strongholds of the slave chains, the Jim Crow laws, and the blatant discrimination that held, and continue to hold Blacks back. We too, will suffer the plagues, curses, and punishments that are inflicted on people who use others as a stepping stone to wealth, power, and greed. We will suffer from the illnesses, mental and psychosomatic distortions of the mind eventually believing the opposite of what is true and good and upholding all that is wrong and evil. We will suffer the fate of a reprobate mind that believes good is evil and evil is good and we will not be able to judge correctly when judgment is needed. If you think money is power, think again. Power comes from on high and can break the bands of money in a day. If you think lust is love and are taken captive by sexual promiscuity, you will never know love. If you think money is happiness, you will never know true happiness. If you think education is power you will never know wisdom, and if you think justice is based on color, you will never receive true justice. These are mindsets that have historically ruled the country and yet all of the deeds that came from these mindsets have been broken to an extent. There is still work to do because humanity has yet to come to its full spiritual fruition. We live in a dim age of racial oppression, hypocrisy, and social control over the masses of the people. Mankind and the rulers of today are elementary in their thinking and have wreaked havoc on other countries, and on whole continents and think that what they are doing is all for the greater good. They believe a lie and have mistaken the concept of evil for good. This is a reprobate mind and as long as they have this mind, they will oppress the people.

Men of corrupt minds sit as gods. They have eliminated the concept of God, any god, and have set themselves up as God. They are becoming wise in convincing the people that there is no God and that the people have to look to them for all that is to be known about humanity. People are bombarded daily with this indoctrination through media imagery and misinformation and we have come to a point of being docile and convinced that this is just the way it is. But this is as wrong as ever. Life is not about what we see each day and what we strive for and work for. Life is about humanity growing to a perfect world by eliminating all that is wrong, like in the case of slavery and oppression of Blacks. That act did not last long and was soon after destroyed and proven to be inhumane. The same concept applies to how Blacks are being treated today. Discrimination is wrong, injustice and prejudice is wrong, and privilege to one certain race of people is wrong and is against the laws of nature. These injustices will soon come to another level of judgment by which the oppressor will feel the sting of nature against all that is corrupt. Men have a way of destroying themselves all because they lack knowledge. That knowledge is soon realized only after their works are proven to be wrong. And that is where America is headed now.

What are the churches teaching? Unfortunately, the religious churches today are weak in faith and have taken the road to convenience instead of facing the struggles of social injustice, choosing to remain quiet in the face of oppression. They have joined hands with the men who write the laws of the land and assist in enforcing those laws even if the laws are against human nature and against the very God they preach about each Sunday. They are incorporating the ideas and practices of social immorality into the churches and teaching potential believers that all things have become acceptable and nothing is wrong if done a certain way. They have set aside their creeds and faith and adopted the easy way out by not challenging all that is wrong with the world. Many claim to be doing great works and mighty deeds in the name of their god and they are proclaiming their deeds as world-changing but in reality, the world and all the immorality within, has changed the church. Community churches are conforming to the world and thus the communities and families within that community are conforming to the world's ways. Church leaders have bowed down to the nine to five and to the prestige of the diploma and to the status of career position and have left off the honor and authority of their gods. Generations learn the ways of the world through the traditions and teachings of these men and they never see through the facade of secular control. They blindly follow men in their pretentious gowns of priestly authority and the people become worshippers of men instead of what they should believe in or even what their own eyes can see as natural. Men are marrying men and women, women and the people see this and are blind to nature and the obvious blueprint of humanity. They believe in mind altering substances and drugs to control their thoughts and to do their thinking for them because they do not know what to think or believe in. People believe that class separation is normal and color segregation is just the way it is. They believe that certain people behave certain ways and they should act the way they are expected to act according to that same imagery. Church leaders do nothing to alter this mindset because they themselves live the same way. They do not know how to live any other way because they learned from men who practiced the same things, except on even deeper levels.

Believe in and do what is right and there is no force that can make you wrong. These are the laws of nature. Recognize and stay away from all that is wrong and unnatural and you will begin to see what is right and what is ordered by nature. Study and read the rules of nature and apply them to your life. Listen carefully to your conscience, your inner-unction of goodness and justice and resist and dismiss what you see and know to be wrong. It will not benefit society if you continue to follow the crowd and practice and believe in what is against nature. We all have a conscience and we all have the knowledge of good and evil embedded in our hearts and minds but we must choose to follow the laws of good if we want change for the better. Oppression in America has actually chosen its victims and has designed ways to oppress that victim over and over until someone stands up against it and calls it out into the public. The media will avoid the issue because they are currently suffering from the natural law of guilt and cannot face what they have done and are doing as wrong toward another race. Pride, anger, and indifference will not allow them to correct the wrongs and the evils in which they practice and it will soon manifest in their actions and increase until they, and no one in the world, can deny it exist. Time is a matter that will soon overpower the injustice Blacks face in America, but we as a people must know that we are constantly under attack and that is something we cannot ignore it .