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  Columns & Submissions

listening7 (16K)Truth Every Person of African Descent Should Know
By Franklin G. Jones

How have unity, racial pride, and educational aspiration, once hallmarks of Black identity so dramatically declined? How did we African Americans become living contradictions of our former selves? Do we continue to accept the easy and convenient answer that these admirable cultural traits all merely disintegrated when integration and other subsequent opportunities became available?.......[more]

27obama (11K)Overloading Responsibility
By T. Duffy

"Hey boy when you finish with all that over there, take care of this." It's probably how the plantation owner worked his slaves to death, since there wasn't any healthcare to save them. It seems to be the same when it comes to the trajectory of responsibilities of this new president........[more]

hip-hop (10K)Lost Roots
By Jasmine McGee

Krs-1, Dead Prez, Run DMC, Jurassic 5 and Mos Def, some of the Godfathers of hip-hop. What happened to the days of true hip-hop? I'm talking about the days, when people rapped about political and social issues. Hip- hop in our present society is filled with overused clichés. Rappers usually talk about getting money, women, or murder, it's rare to hear social challenges addressed........[more]

graduation2 (25K)Graduation rate Breakdown by City

A breakdown of the 2005 graduation rates in the 50 largest cities, along with the percentage point changes in this rate between 1995 and 2005. City State 2005 Rate change rate 1995-2005.......[more]

lastwill (9K)Heirs of the Iniquitous Institution of Racism
By M. Quinn

According to the statutes U.S. federal law; no person shall prosper from; or as a result of the illegal activities of another. .......[more]

Tea Party1 (13K)The Fox fueling flames of hatred
By T. Duffy

If you think the recent so-called tea party is about taxes, then blacks who have joined in and supported that idea shouldn't be upset when they discover they were duped. Setup to hide the real intentions, since hidden in the rhetoric is a subtle sound of bigotry........[more]

blksdepression (13K)2009 Angersession is Not the 1929 Depression
By Janie McGee

Over the years as a visual artist I have painted countless pictures from photos of the Great Depression. I wanted to document the effect it had on the Black community through the arts. Many of the photos I found revealed the devastating losses and hopelessness of many across the country both White and Black. The overall mood of the country was the start of the depression and times of disparity.......[more]

watching tv2 (10K)Blacks and Television: Past and Present
By Steven Malik Shelton

Television became widely available to the public shortly after World War II, and black soldiers, not long removed from the battle fields of Europe and Asia, felt empowered as men and less likely to accept the traditional norms of American life. Sadly, they soon discovered that the new medium of television thrived on many of the same negative stereotypes and caricatures that had dogged blacks for centuries.......[more]

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To Build on a New Cause, seek the Recalcitrant

After Obama: Black America Weighs In
afterobama (21K)

After the election of Barak Obama as the next US President, Afromerica decided to gather the sentiments of the people about this historical day. Read their responses

Father Vs the Government
Debunking the Theories of Child Support
Black Children Labeled Mentally Retarded
the strategies of the oppressor
Twisted Gratitude
white America wants a thank you from Black america
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