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business (3K)Twisted Gratitude: White America wants a Thank you from Black America

If you are the type of Black person who believes your life would have been worse if you were born in Africa and that the United States is the best thing happening, you have been duped to the fullest degree, and here is why. You were told that by the seed of the very same people who ruined Africa.

There are whites in this country who secretly and openly believe that Blacks should be thankful they are living in America and thankful for what whites have done for them. They believe that if it were not for whites, they would be living in poverty and disease in Africa if Blacks had not been brought here as slaves.

Furthermore, many whites believe that Blacks would not have what they have or live the way they do if it were not for the inventions, such as the telephone, television, refrigerator and other appliances and technology there are, so in essence, they believe Blacks are living off the fruits of white labor, and often, undeservingly. They believe that what we have are ill-gotten and we should be more thankful and appreciative of them.

These sentiments do not come from the mere ignorant, low-life racist of the white stock, but are shared beliefs among well educated whites, including Congress people, doctors and lawyers. In fact, it is this mentality that forms the bases that whites think Blacks are undeserving and should be thankful for whatever lot in life they are dealt in America, whether it is good, bad, just or unjust. Regardless of what ills come our way, we should simply appreciate the fact that we live in America and we should be grateful for white liberality.

With this mindset, Blacks are pandered to, taken for granted, and dealt the hand of indifference from white politicians and authorities in high places. We are treated as if our ideas and contributions to society are simply the result of white tuition or direction and should be controlled by whites. Because of this mindset in whites, many a Black person were robbed and cheated of their innovation in times past and to this day.

If Blacks were ever given credit for what they have contributed to society, whites would no more have a reason to undermine their positions so they continue to dole out this idea of Black lack of appreciation so Blacks can remain at a mental disadvantage.

Truth is; Black America is merely the children of African slaves brought here by a discarded generation of European peasants. In fact, the whole development of America and the Constitution of the United States is the result of the bitter and rebellious war of Euro-trash against the elite of British royalty.

After the European Industrial Revolution, Britain needed to expand and decided to explore the world; stumbling on Africa and America as places ripe for development. While the new found capitalist of Europe got rich from the Revolution, the class divide grew larger and the peasantry began to increase in numbers, and when the Capitalist saw that their riches were being threatened by rebellious and uprising low-lives, they devised a way to empty Europe of them and reap the profits of the Revolution all for themselves. So they sent the best and worst of the peasants to places like Africa and America in search of more treasure.

pirates (3K)It was these daring peasants, these barbaric pirates of the seas, who became brutal, violent, and savage once they hit the seas for months and years at a time; drinking rum, smoking cigars and raping white and indigenous women of the world. They proceeded to dividing and stripping Africa and America of its resources and they sent the ill-gotten booty back to the lords of Europe in exchange for more funding and more rum, tobacco, and women.

As the Euro-Capitalist back home bathed in the fruit of African gold, diamonds, perfumes, and precious minerals, and enjoyed the rum, tobacco, and sugar from America and the tropic isles for their dainty desserts, the pirates continued to ravish and exploit the new lands staving off the indigenous African and Indian people by killing, maiming, and slaughtering their families generation after generation for hundreds of years.

Once these misfit Irish, Dutch, German, Polish, Scottish, Portugal, Norwegian, Italian and other Caucasian stock whites demoralized and subjugated the people to the point of beggars, they convinced themselves it was their land, their goods, their hard work, and their creativity that made this current society what it is today. After years of telling themselves this and passing this same way of thinking on to their children, we currently live among a people who truly believe we as Black people should be thankful for what whites have done for us, but not to us.

After disturbing and dismantling the tribes of the Ashanti, the Bakongo, the Zulu, Chewa, Dogon, Mandinka, Yoruba, Chewa and others in Africa, along with contaminating and slaughtering the many Natives of America such as the Apache, the Cherokee, the Manhattan, Pawnee, Wichita, Shawnee, indian (3K)Cheyenne, Chippewa and other tribes, they expect gratitude?

After naming our great ancestors like pets such as Buck, Brutus, and Millie and treating them like livestock and forcing our great grandparents and parents to ride the back of the bus in 1960 after a long day of cleaning your house and wiping the snot from your white child's nose you want a thank you?

After depriving social security to those same Black mothers to this day and housing them in cramp ghettos and housing projects then feeding them government cheese and processed eggs while your families ate off the fat of the land prime beef, steaks, and wine you want a freaking thank you and some appreciation?

After you have saturated our communities with drugs, sicced well-paid white cops on our young men and currently house hundreds of thousands of them in prisons build to serve low-income white workers who carry guns and hate religion, you have the audacity to feel Black America owes you a thank you?

You mean to tell me that Blacks in America are privileged to have lost their identity and connection to their homeland and tribal ancestry, locked away in a land where all we know is to subject ourselves to a social plan laid out especially for whites who have somehow earned all these things rightfully, lawfully, and righteously by God's ordainment? Yet you believe we as Black people should be thankful that we are not in Africa where there is disease and poverty from years of European pillaging and robbery of resources, war, and government corruption.

You want Black America to pledge to a flag that symbolizes all that is has stripped us of and placing us as second class to your first, and to honor and abide by a Constitution written by discarded European peasants who lacked the etiquette and intelligence to rightly compete with the most elite war and greed-mongers of Europe? A Constitution that was written in disrespect of your elders as a break from the oppression of your land by your own people, furthermore designed to privilege your people here in a land you stole from others and build with others?

And you say we should have appreciation for what you have done for us. For this land and this history and this current social and economic failure you call a capitalist Democracy? Well from the bowels of our hearts and the souls of our great ancestors, we will show you appreciation by giving you our best and brightest idea yet.

Take your ass back to Europe, face your oppressor, and stop subjecting the rest of us to the failures of a country gone wrong. And before you leave, take responsibility for your actions and own up to your mistakes and repay all that you have taken from Africa and the Americas, and then we can discuss appreciation.

© June 2008 by CR Hamilton || [TOP]


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