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  Afrolosophy Theory

afrolosophy2 (4K)Everything moves in proportion to the moment, including your mind.

handofgod (2K)The Existence of God and Authenticity of the Bible

This two-part study will confirm the doubts and suspicions of those who question the existence of God and those who question the accuracy of the Holy Bible. Based on the concept of free will thought, once a person convinces themselves that one thing or another does not exist or is not real, it would be fruitless to convince them otherwise, so the next step would be to show them how to move on in life......[more]

riot (3K)Preparing for the Coming Race War

This is not about politics or the election. This is what the title suggest, an actual race war. This war was pronounced by prominent whites who are in the public's eye everyday, one in particular, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who brags about the so-many point million listeners he has, who are all basically gutter-bred white boys who have deep-seated hatred for Blacks for no other reason than misplaced childhood emotional neglect......[more]

blkpower (4K)Black Empowerment or Civil Rights

Ask Black people; does your social activist ideology stem from roots of the Black Power movement or roots of the Civil Rights movement? According to a poll conducted by Black America's only legitimate polling and research center - Black People Speak - majority Blacks, 56%, have roots that stem from the Black Power ideology. And the results must become the norm.....[more]

afropic (3K)Check Mate: Afromerica Completes the Bell Curve

Afromerica's very first article back in 2002 was entitled "Around the Bell Curve," by which CR Hamilton carefully dissected and tore to shreds the book's (The Bell Curve) supremacist logic by way of true Black knowledge. From that point, Afromerica set out on a quest to prove beyond a doubt that white racism - being the sickness that it is - is in fact a nasty burn in the parchment of white intellect, contrary to the Bell Curve's premise that Blacks are scientifically proven to be intellectually inferior to whites.....[more]

Afromerica Buries Black Leadership

On July 12, 2007, Afromerica officially declared America's Black leadership, DEAD! The funeral will be held every day from this day on. The eulogy has been delivered by CR Hamilton and he asked all Black Americans and those in the Diaspora to pay your respect to the dead, to remember them and write of them as history, and if you should see the ghost of any while you help develop the future of the new Black America, do not be afraid, for they are mere souls without a place to call home, cause God cannot take souls that were purchased by the Devil.

May all Black leaders Rest In Peace next to the word "Nigger.".....[more]

sunset (1K)There Is Only One Truth

Contemporary logic has distorted civilized and sound reasoning and transformed it into a bed of psychological mayhem. No one knows what is true and what is not. No one seems to recall that there can be only one truth about any given subject matter, which means, on any given subject matter, someone is wrong......[more]

immigration (1K)Slavemaster Mentality: White America's Exploitation of Illegal Immigrants

We often hear the term "slave mentality" where it pertains to Blacks, and unfortunately, many of us continue to possess remnants of this mind-set, meaning they live to please whites and or strive to prove themselves acceptable to whites in behavior, i.e. achievements, intellect, or something as simple as dialect. However, rarely do we contemplate the mentality of the slavemaster as it pertains to whites, even though it is the slavemaster mentality that gives rise to the slave mentality. Well, current social and political events prove otherwise.....[more]

fist (3K)Combating Honky Ideology

Recent trends in America confirm that racism, in the form of vindictive condescendence via public mainstream media humiliation, Jim Crow justice and Vaudeville-type mockery of Blacks is rising and no one, neither Blacks nor whites, know how to impede this rise......[more]

letter (2K)An Open Letter To The Mainstream Media

Get this message straight! You are promoting and profiling the wrong Black people as a voice for Black America. Though we understand your fear of and unwillingness to seek the truth, we feel that your choice of Uncle Toms and sell-out so-called Black leaders is a bit cowardly and exceedingly fictitious to the nation and world.....[more]

blkman (2K)Operation Multiply: A Covert Strategy Against Black Male Genocide

Everywhere we turn there is a new study about the failures of Black men in America. No where is there anything positive about Black men, or even negative about white men, Hispanic men, Jewish or Asian men, just Black men. This acute observation warrants the question as to what the hell this society has against Black men or what its intensions are toward them. Operation Multiply deduce there is something directly pointed at Black men in America and has designed a strategy to combat this negative stigma. Read on.....[more]

dj (2K)Black Voices, White Minds

Conversations overheard reveal that many and more Black intellectuals, activist, and gatekeepers - for small fees and/or cherished media attention - are promoting the agendas and ideologies of white America's conservative think tanks, mainstream interest groups, and liberal feminist movements to the detriment and at the expense of the masses of Black America.....[more]

diversity (22K)Moving Beyond the Primitivism of Racism

This is getting old. Proving over and over, day after day, time and time again, beyond a humanly reasonable doubt that racism against Black America is alive, strong and kicking. They know it, we know it, and now the world knows it. Let us now move beyond the pettiness and primitivism of white racism and toward cultural development.....[more]

Black Leaders' 'Covenant' vs. The Afro National Federation

On the weekend of February 25 2006, a conglomeration of America's most public Black leaders convened to measure, discuss, and possibly implement a "Covenant" for Black America: the "Covenant" purportedly meaning a promissory commitment for these leaders to better "The State of Black America" on various socioeconomic levels. Conversely, Afromerica has been in the process of implementing a similar concept, yet on a more independent level.....[more]

Identify Yourself: Gathering The True Black Soldiers

silhouette (1K)Let us get an understanding here. There is only one Black nation that make up the entire Diaspora, from here in America to the shores surrounding the Kingdoms of Africa, to the corrals of the Caribbean to the Nubian souls of Europe and anywhere on this earth a Black or brown face shines. We are not divided amongst ourselves or by ourselves; our one and only enemy have divided us, for us.....[more]

humanity (2K)Humanity and Survival

In the animal kingdom, instinct and knowledge of the environment determines survival, and when there are various species living amongst one another in a certain environment, having knowledge of the boundaries and habits of surrounding species helps certain other species to survive. The difference between animals and humans where it pertains to understanding the boundaries and habits of others ends with the knowledge of when to share and when to compete.....[more]

Shiny Things:
The Beginning Dialog with Black America

We read the wisdom of Black writers and hear the words of Black voices that will never be heard by those who need it most. These minds are minds that see what changes need be done to create the best and strongest plans of Black unity, empowerment, and advancement. These minds - of past and of present - analyze the problem thoroughly yet will never be given any national attention as do the minds we war against. They will never be called on as experts in the fields of struggle or triumph but they will always be a voice in the distant wind heard only by the ears for which their words are meant.....[more]

king (2K)Martin's Dream: Not in Our Lifetime

The perpetual promotion of King's Dream is nothing more than a pacifier directed toward Black America and the Diaspora for the Black mind to believe that assimilation is a possibility and to continue the fight for the needed rights set forth by the American legislative system.....[more]


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