Startup-Preneurs: Online Hustle Opportunity - Start an Online Business

The traditional job market is changing and other earning opportunities are becoming more popular, such as work-at-home, entrepreneurship, and freelancing. And many traditional businesses have taken advantage of the Internet to operate more efficiently.

You can take advantage of both opportunities and start your own online business. And if you do not have the expertise to set it up and get started, we will do all the backend work for you so you can just start earning money. Choose from one of the following business ideas below:

  • Marketplace - Open an online store and rent out space to others
  • Booking service - Have customers sign up and pay for the service you provide
  • Buy and sell - Set up an auction-like business. Think eBay.
  • Sell property - Sell either cars, homes or rentals and other big-ticket items
  • Education - Start an online school or technical course
  • Church - Start an online church
  • Club - Start an online club for whatever your interest: books, support groups, etc.
  • Courier - Take orders for delivering packages, supplies, or documents
  • Dating - Start an online dating service
  • Freelancing - Open a platform for writers and other freelancers
  • Event management - Set up events and take online bookings
  • File transfer/downloads - Offer a download or file service
  • Fundraising/crowdfunding - Help others start raising money
  • Hotel/BnB - Book vacations for people looking for rooms
  • Job board - Open a job board or staffing agency for employers and job seekers
  • Law firm - Offer legal services for lawyers and people in need
  • Lead generation/affiliate - Work the front end of the Internet and offer link exchanges
  • Wedding planning - Plan, book, and sell wedding services
  • Medical clinic/online health - Offer medical services online
  • MLM - Offer Multi-level Marketing ideas
  • Multivendor marketplace - Rent out virtual retail space to other entrepreneurs
  • News site - Open a news aggregate for journalist and writers
  • Catering - Start a catering business and take orders online
  • Print business - Open a print shop online and sell goods
  • T-shirt design - Shirt and other clothing sales online
  • Classifieds - Open and charge for advertising
  • Photography - Let photographers sell their art online
  • Restaurant/delivery - Think grub hub, UberEATS, and other food delivery services
  • Salon - Book hair appointments, nails or spa services
  • Podcast/video - Offer podcast and video streaming services to paying customers
  • Tech/live support - Become an online tech support service for other businesses
  • Business directory - Start a business directory service for paying businesses
  • Fitness - Offer fitness training tips, exercise plans and more
  • Clothes shopping - Open an online boutique for women, men and children's clothes
  • Car parts - Sell car parts and services
  • Home decor sales - Sell home furnishing through third party manufactures
  • Cosmetics - Offer products and service for makeup and cosmetics
  • Bookstore - Allow authors and artist to sell books online through your store
  • Flower shop - Open an online florist and delivery service
  • Grocery pickup - Take orders and make deliveries for the shut in
  • Herbal - Sell vitamins, supplements and medical remedies online
  • Jewelry - Open a jewelry store
  • Kids/toys - Specialize in kids for clothes and toys
  • Lingerie - Sell hot items of sleepwear for women and men
  • Mobile phones - Sales and service of cell-phones
  • Pets - Offer pet supplies, training and tips
  • Sports - Provide sports booking, betting and more
  • Search engine - Start your own search engine and charge for advertising
  • Hosting business - Web design and website hosting service
  • Social media - Start your own social media site like Facebook or Instagram
  • Radio network - Open an online radio network for DJs and speakers
  • Suggest a business

Choose your model

You pick your business model and we will set it up, host it on our servers and we do all the maintenance as you earn money. You pay one upfront fee for initial setup and configuration and then pay an annual maintenance fee afterward. Features include:

  1. Free Domain name
  2. Support services
  3. Regular backups
  4. Email services
  5. High-end encrypted security
  6. Mobile-friendly
  7. Personalized control panel

Signup process is easy. Visit the signup page and enter your options. We'll get back to you with an itemized estimate of the overall cost including business model platform and hosting and maintenance fees. Start here.

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