The Ultimate Home Server Set Up Guide

Learn to setup and maintain your own home server to cut your cost of doing business online. This Ultimate Home Server Setup Guide shows many short cuts and tips for getting around expensive hosting and programming cost by giving the user and business owner more control of their online content. Save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars at the cost of learning a new skill and an extremely low startup investment.

This guide not only shows the short cuts, but offers support, tutorials, and detailed explanations of Internet technology that many people never knew existed. Learn about the most popular server operating systems, control panel technology, program installation and configuration, and back-end Internet networking secrets that large tech companies use to over-charge the public.

Like auto mechanics that make up technical terms to describe why they are charging you hundreds of dollars, hosting companies, Internet providers and programmers do the same when setting their prices and fees. Now with this guide, you can cut all of those cost in half if not down to zero dollars. Stop paying six different vendors for six different services when you can do it all yourself.

The process can take the user with moderate computer skills no more than 1 day to get their server up and running. The beginner may take a few days with trial and error, but the guide is detailed enough to walk anyone willing to learn through the process in a matter of 1 day. With technical support from our team and online tutorials, you can have your own server and start saving money.

If you cannot find the time to go through the process, we also offer the complete setup for the one-time cost of $250 so you can take it from there. But if you need extra support until you learn the back-end, we also offer a monthly fee of $25 to maintain and configure your server for you. You still save hundreds of dollars in operating cost by trusting your home server to us and not to six different vendors.

    Your options:

  1. Purchase the guide and do it yourself
  2. Do it yourself and let us maintain it on a monthly
  3. Let us set it up and you take it from there

Regardless of your choice, we are here to help you come out from under the high cost of doing business online so you can save money. The little guy is always in competition with big business but there is always someone there to help the little guy. We are there for you. The Ultimate Home Server Set Up Guide gets your started in the right direction.

back-end techonology

Purchase your Guide today and have your server up and running in no time. (The Guide is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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