Privatize Your Life with a Vanity Email Address

Have you noticed that you receive ads on your phone about things you may have been discussing with a friend or coworker just moments ago? Does it seem like the ads you get target you and you only?

That is because your daily phone and PC surfing activity is being monitored by many companies you use every day.

There are ways to avoid this intrusion into your personal life.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and many of the apps you have downloaded onto your phone, literally collect your data from you and sell it to third party vendors who turn around and advertise to you the products they sell and think you want or need.

Protect yourself

There are ways to avoid this intrusion into your personal life.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a private email address. And what is more private than your own domain name that has your own email address.

You can avoid spam, the big companies spying on you and collecting your data, and the trolls who hack big email companies such as Google and Facebook. You can set up your own landing page instead of using Google or Yahoo or any of the other major ISP companies: Verizon, Comcast and the others, and have complete autonomy with your own name and email domain.

Just imagine:; your landing page at And for added protection, try a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and hide your location and IP address (which hackers use to track you).

This is not a promotion for you to sell out to any of the big companies; this is a strategy to help you get off the Internet grid and into your own private cyber world.

You can get a private email addresses (for you and your family members), a personal landing page, and VPN protection so you do not have to worry about being spied on all day, every day. They will have to hunt you down to find you and if they do, they will never be sure it is you.

So come out from among the unprotected and find refugee in your own private domain. Visit one of the only businesses offering this protection and get pricing. It is a small cost to pay to protect your privacy and secure your name.

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