5 Reasons Why Owning a Website Is Better Than Having Just a Social Media Page

Internet trends change faster than iPhone upgrades so staying ahead of the trends are vital in maintaining an online presence. The object of being seen online is so the people you want to find you can find you easily.

Facebook groups and pages come and go but well-built personalized websites stand the test of time. Exposure is the key. Embedding your website into a social media page or group is business smart because you maximize your visits.

Here are 5 reasons why

1. More Personalized - Websites can be designed to give the visitor a more intimate experience. One click on your link and the customer is taken to their own personal haven for what you have to offer.

Social media pages tend to crowd the page with unrelated products or services from other vendors that may turn the customer off during their visit. Too much competition can distract your future customer and send business to your competitor.

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2. Consistency - Websites are consistent and a steady reminder of what they came for in addition to showing products or service that would also help them in their lives. If the visitor shows interest in your product or content, you can expand your target to include other products and services they may also enjoy.

Social media pages change with the new cycles and tend to run political ads and polls each time the page is reloaded, which is another distraction. Many people would rather focus on what they want without daily news headlines flashing before their eyes.

3. Control over Content - Managing a website has become much easier over the years. More are user-friendly for beginners to self-design. Even if you do not have time to do so, there are freelancers and contractors that would gladly manage your site, called managed services, while you do other things.

Social media pages apply lots of restrictions on administrators limiting them to only certain design features and posting policies. Privacy is always a problem with large, social media platforms that are a risk to your data.

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4. Affordability - Not only have websites become easier to use and manage, but they have come down in price over the years to meet demand, just like everything else. No more are people paying $3-4,000 for a website; payment schedules are in place to pay-as-you-go, (for instance www.crhhosting.com), or monthly cost for design and hosting.

Social media sites are free (some are), yet limited in accessibility. You have to play by their rules and policies and run the risk of data breaches when they are hacked. Websites are managed under expert supervision by a small group, easier to contact then the big boys are.

5. Expandability - Last but not least, your own personal website can be expanded to include many more features than the average social media page. You can add custom mailing lists, personalized search engines, SEO options, and a user-friendly directory of all your information.

Adding your contact information to social media pages is a huge risk. At any time, your information can be used against you and your page is always at a higher risk to be compromised. We all know the crazies that are out there and we all want to protect our homes and families.


Overall, websites are safer, offers more to your potential customer, and add a more professional image to the things you do online. Many other services come with a personalized website also such as private email, virus and malware protection, and even more exposure then a social media page.

HHS Designs is offering all those things and more at an affordable, monthly finance rate. Get a professionally built website and domain name that will last as long as you are in business. You will also get the protection you need from the elements of the dark web.

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