Getting Maximum Usage out of Cloud Storage: Access Your Data from Your Phone, Home or Work PC

Cloud storage comes in handy if you work on projects from your home computer, your smart phone, or from your job or place of business. With cloud storage, you can upload any files you are working on from one location onto a central location (in the cloud) and access the files from your other location with no problem.

The cloud is not a place in cyber space where your data is just floating around unsecured; it is actually on a protected server hosted in a certain part of the country or world. The most popular cloud services are Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud; but not many people want their private data stored on mega-cloud servers where everyone else's data is stored. So small Cloud storage companies are filling in the gap and offering space to individuals and small businesses to store their files.

Groups use cloud storage to stay in touch

In addition to individuals and small businesses, organizations, private community groups and other non-profit support groups use cloud storage to stay in touch with one another by collaborating on the same project from various locations. Photos, documents, music, and other files are shared and transferred from member devices into the cloud where other members can access them.

BIZB Places is such a cloud service that offers collaboration to individuals, small businesses and groups that need to maintain documents and other information such as calendar events, music and video files. It is all private and member only access, protected with encryption and two-tiered member access.

Cloud storage

Private and public clouds are available for individuals who just want to store their own files online and access them using their smart phone or home computer. If you take a break at work and work on your personal projects, you can save the project in the cloud and access it from your smart phone while on the go or from your personal computer or tablet once you get home.

There are apps that work from your phone and from your home computer with easy access to your cloud account. BIZB Places offers all these great services for free at 2GB of storage space and for a deal at $4.99 a month for larger storage for groups and organizations.


  • 2 GB of cloud space

  • Easy and secure sharing

  • Anytime, anywhere access

  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption

  • Backups, file recovery and version history

  • Social media sharing

  • Priority email support

Check out our features and sign up when you get the chance. Remember, a basic account is free.

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