The Black Scene Video Streaming Site

The Black Scene is an Afro American video streaming website available to video-producing gurus who are searching for a platform. Upload and post your videos onto your own channel and promote your channel around the Internet on social media.

The site offers categories from general to education, health, spirituality and more for you to target your audience effectively. Edit your video's template with descriptive summaries, photos, and customized links so others can find it fast.

Your video is searchable, placed on our server's SEO list and available from Google searches straight from the Internet. Create playlist, use your subscriber links and even monetize your video once you reach a large enough following.

Go live from anywhere at any time and post a link to your live broadcast on your social media pages.

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The Black Scene also offers LIVE streaming. Stream live from your cell-phone or tablet, your desktop broadcasting software or from your webcam. Easy to use instructions are available. Go live from anywhere at any time and post a link on your live broadcast to your social media pages.

Use the Black Scene's video encoder to post videos in bulk, convert video to audio streams, and grab streams from other video websites such as Youtube and more. Upload raw video from WAV, MOV, and other formats and convert them to usable viewing.

View thousands of other videos and playlist posted by other artist search our database of video of interest and get ideas for your next project. Sign up is fast and easy by visiting the following link:

Black Scene sign-up

The Black Scene was built for the use of the Black community to showcase their talents and d skills and to become independent of Youtube and other mainstream sites that have restricted user rights and abilities. Take advantage of this opportunity and help build the Black community.

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