Advantages of Online Business Directory Listing

The Yellow Pages have gotten thinner over the years as the Internet has increased in popularity. More people have access to smart phones from every age group and have learned to use their phones at their fingertips to find certain businesses and services they need.

Especially during travel, people look for places they may need at the time and in their current location, and instead of searching for a Yellow Pages nearby, they resort to their smart phones to search out businesses nearby. This is where local online business directories come in handy.

Apps such as Yelp and Google search are popular and help people find what they need while on the road and even in their local communities. But small, localized directories come in handy also because they result in search engine finds also. Directions, contact information and more are provided and they are able to get service when they need it.

African American business ventures are growing

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Many small businesses that do not have a brick and mortar location or a physical building benefit from digital business listings because many provide services that can be used digitally. Even physical products such as clothing or gifts are available online and can be used right away or shipped to the customer.

If your business is listed online, it generates traffic to your website from all over the world, not just locally. Ecommerce is a growing service that many physical businesses are using to reach more customers. And even if your business relies on foot traffic, many people need to know where you are located and what times you do business.

In addition to increased traffic and recognition, small businesses get the advantage of more word of mouth, increased brand recognition, strong business reputation, and a boost to online search engine optimization and search results.

Black IZ Beautiful is just one listing services that offers a national business directory where small, minority businesses are turning to for results. African American business ventures are growing and need a platform to operate from. Listing services at BIZB are free to low quarterly and annual payments.

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