The Open Door to Afrosocial Broadcasting

The Afro Broadcast & Community Network is open for business and hundreds of thousands have signed up to speak their minds. The purpose of the network is to give a public voice to those who do not have access to mainstream publicity.

The Black Scene offers video uploads and live streaming from a home computer, cell-phone or tablet; the Sanity podcast network is ripe for discussion, sharing and promotion, and the Block Internet radio network is open to advertisers, radio host and indie music.

Cost is not an issue because the Black Scene is free, and so are the podcast and radio platforms. You can upgrade to higher plans if you grow large, but the initial cost is zero. This is a gift to the Black community.

Instructions come with each venue on how to get the best out of your broadcast and how to promote that broadcast.

Freedom of speech is not only an American right, but a God-given right. Everyone has the freedom to spread the word of truth. Take advantage of this open-door network and join as soon as possible. You do not have to be a professional, we just ask that you know what you are talking about.

Voice your word

We cover all genres such as politics, activism, support groups, self-help, instruction and more. Users can build themselves a channel on either of the broadcasting formats complete with ad sponsorship, promotion and monetization.

The following links will get you started:

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