ain't but one of me

who knows that which is to be known

Summer voices disappeared into the distance and the trees swayed a little harder, it was farther into the coming days and the prophesies fulfilled themselves. People changed and some stayed the same and some even entered a parallel world of destiny, especially made for the ones who sought it out with the desires to understand the mysteries of nature's changing colors.

Photosynthesis, metamorphosis, mosquito bites, dog fights, fire hydrants dowsing little feet running back and forth and of course three months of sun angering the clouds still trying to drop the rain. Don't get crazy don't be insane the men above us play the game like we do, so true, so deep in they forget the real deal and purpose of why we even here.

escape the day

become captive to the night

Sample the Experience

Book Excerpts and music samples

Book 1 Excerpt

The Hood and Humphrey Lawson

The story of a young, government-project thug whose view of life was molded by his environment...

1 Down CD 7


"Untouchable is our latest CD. It's smooth, it's real, and it's Untouchable when it comes to the feeling it gives."

Book 4 Excerpt

Callin' Shots

The community of Perryville and the struggles the residences face are featured in this series as they fight against corruption and gang violence.

1 Down CD 6

Random Jive

A stimulating mixture of neo-soul brings our 6th CD Random Jive to life. Peppered with contemporary and smooth jazz, mellowed, back in the day rhythm and blues.

Let Us Know

What it feels like to escape