White Nationalists Rising Among Hispanic, Latino Community

(BNC) - A new “Axios” report claims there’s been an increase in white nationalists that identify as Hispanic or Latino. Which makes Hispanics and Latinos who join them ignorant and of low-intellect also.

Hispanics who choose to identify as white and help racist whites terrorize Blacks are just as cowardice as the white folks who are ignorant racist. It takes low intellect to hate others because of their skin and culture and if this is what Hispanics want to do, they will bare the curse of vengeance also.

Even after whites have undermined their land, customs, and heritage, they want to kiss their asses, that tells a lot about them and their ignorance. And if any other culture or race would like to join white cowards, fascist against Blacks, that makes them just as ignorant and of low intellect.

The Axios article