Videos show new Iranian missile system on automated railway

(UPI) - Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled a new missile system this week said to be capable of launching multiple long-range ballistic missiles.

Videos show new Iranian missile system on automated railway

The IRGC commander, Hossein Salami, introduced the new system Wednesday.

"Our missiles make our enemies shiver and force them into retreat ... And if need be, this fearsome program will impose our political will upon them," Salami said.

Videos of the system have also emerged showing a facility in which groups of missiles ready to fire are moved around massive tunnels using an automated railway system.

The quasi-official Iran's Military Achievements Media states on its YouTube channel that wagons carrying ballistic and long-range missiles "can create continuous shooting conditions" in this system, and that the quantity and continuity of the missile will "increase impressively" in a safe atmosphere.

The new system is also said to have been made entirely in Iran.

The location of the facility in the latest videos and photos has not been confirmed, but Iran has built underground caves to protect ballistic missiles in the past, and has released imagery that showed long lines of ballistic missiles on launchers.

That process seems to have been augmented with the automated railway system, which could potentially allow more missiles to be fired from a single bunker, experts say.