The Great white, Christian American Delusion

(Afromerica) - Evangelical Christians have designed a curriculum from the Bible to pacify and coddle white Americans, and to relieve them from their guilt and shame. They personified God and made an image unto themselves that would appease their consciences.

The Great white, Christian American Delusion

The congregations are comprised of doctors, lawyers, politicians, educators, and other high profiled positions of authority in American society. As these people exercise systemic racism upon people of color, they need constant reassurance that God condones their behavior, regardless of how inhumane or unethical it may be, and their pastors provide that reassurance from the Bible.

They are guilty of oppressor and the neutralization of people of other races in every area of life and guilty of administering privilege to those of their own race. They make the rules, write the laws, and set the standard by which people can advance and their leaders (the pastors) provide them with stipulated biblical loopholes that promises them forgiveness.

To convince these people that God is on their side, this institution had to design and widely distribute false images of God that would embody those same people, the white Jesus and God, painted by a European artist. From the image of God to the characters of the Holy Bible and the history of these people had to be pure, innocent, and placed in high esteem above other nations of the world.

To this day, this delusion has penetrated the minds, hearts and consciences of white America and their concept of Christianity. This foundation of delusion is rooted in the way they think and behave and has given them the fearlessness and condescension to treat other nations as a heathen class and to cloak their cruelty and oppression of others as the will of God.

“Envy thou not the oppressor, And choose none of his ways.” Proverbs 3:31