Counter Intelligence for Black Liberation: An Agenda for the Next Black Leaders

Fighting the war against today's racism requires new strategies; effective, combative strategies that will stand against and defeat the new age Jim Crowism engaged against Black America.

Counter Intelligence for Black Liberation: An Agenda for the Next Black Leaders

Fighting the war against today's racism requires new strategies; effective, combative strategies that will stand against and defeat the new age Jim Crowism engaged against Black America. The battles today are not physical ones, whereby we must escape the whips or nooses of angry white men, nor are they legal ones, that we should battle him using his own legal system. The oppressor has become wiser than that. Our battles are psychological and more metaphysical, thus we must outthink and out behave him.

We have become so disillusioned with the crumbs of prestige that we have allowed the enemy to choose our leaders and battles for us, which is a psychological victory in itself. If he can convince us that we are making advancement against his impediments, and we so arrogantly believe it, our future will forever remain second-class to his first.

The illusions of power and fame in American society are ones that have corrupted many people, and unfortunately, it has corrupted many Blacks who would have otherwise brought change. If the enemy can get one Black person to believe that his celebrity is making change among his people, i.e., promo-mercials toward Black youth, donations to Black causes, appearances in the intellectcia spotlight, ect, he can use that same image and flattery to dictate his every move.

In addition to false celebrity of media-made Black leaders, the enemy has convinced many unsuspecting, disenchanted Blacks who are hungry for intellectual acceptance that the problems they must cure for Black America are problems created by Black America. And this is one of the most destructive tactics of the enemy's psychological sting.

On a metaphysical realm, the enemy has religiously twisted the minds of Black America into a pretzel state by which most Blacks have lost sight of the obvious. He has scientifically and systematically manipulated facts and evidence to the point that the Black mind has no choice but to believe what he or she reads, hears, and even proclaim themselves. Sadly, there are sincere Black activist who actually lead movements to improve Black America based on false statistics and theories describing the state of Black America.

For example, white universities will publish studies they claim to have concluded after having researched a pool of Black participants. The studies are then promoted by mainstream newspapers and television stations as fact. The Black activist - compelled with a desire to help Black America - will gather this information and from thence design a program, organization, or movement to make change for the better.

Without regard to whether the original study is true or not, without any research or acute observation of his or her own, the Black activist is indirectly acting on behalf of the enemy to lead Blacks into a pre-designed trap laid for them. For a better understanding of the tactics used to this day, the following list reveals problems and solutions created by them for us.

Aids - Once the Aids epidemic mysteriously latched on to Black America, Black Aids Awareness groups championed by Black celebrities sprung up to help the Black community become aware of Aids preventative maintenance. By issuing condoms, safe needles, rehabilitation programs, awareness and support groups, ect, the Black community led by media appointed and funded Black celebrity and activist ignorantly and willingly began to follow an agenda set for them.

Instead of using valued resources, celebrity, and funding to research how and why Aids latched onto the Black community, or to expose the truth or conduct its own studies, Blacks asked no questions and began promoting this agenda through its own mediums to millions of other Blacks, who really had no choice but to follow along and believe.

Prison population crises - The current hysteria on young Black men and their rates of prison incarceration is grossly over-exaggerated, even though the crises exist. Looking closely at the actual numbers from a macro-perspective, there are not many Black men in prison compared to the actual number of Black men in total population. However, from a quick glance at the most recent article or study pumped out by a white newspaper or Black website, one would think that half of all Black men are in prison and that number is increasing. This is a lie.

If the enemy can convince or at least suggest to Blacks to think that half of all Black men are indeed in prison, then the proud and anxious Black activist will react accordingly to thwart the problem thus taking eyes off any other strategies he or she could be using resources for. Therefore, the activist constructs programs, movements, and dedicates valued resources, intellect, and manpower to a cause grossly overrated when in fact, instead of shouting genocide from the street corners of their community or otherwise expect of Black men the obvious, they could be focused on the good of Black men, their accomplishes, desires, and attempts at strengthening the Black community. As long as the enemy keeps us focused on the negative, we will react accordingly totally ignoring the positive, and if no positives are known or expected, none will come about and his strategy has won.

Political drawbacks - A very effective way the enemy keeps Blacks in check is through the political system. Prestige is the key. If Black men and women are continually convinced that their presence in political office make positive change for Black America, more Black talent, intellect, and manpower goes to waste simply because advancement in the political system for Black America has a solid glass ceiling.

Affirmative Action, Civil Rights law, senate seats and the like are all deterrents to Black progress. For the past 50 or so years, the illusions of advancement for Blacks have been central in leading Blacks astray and keeping their eyes on the wrong prizes. Fighting for laws to keep Black America afloat peppered with promises and appearances from white politicians, warrants nothing more than scant media coverage of Black politicians, breaking stories and mockery of Black political scandal, and nation-wide coverage of funerals and sicknesses of has-been Civil Rights activist.

Currently, stories are written about how various political advancements are being turned back in time such as school segregation laws, voting rights, and quota's, all so-called victories once acclaimed by the Civil Rights movements of yesteryear. Sadly, no Black minds have realized that the enemy and society has advanced beyond the Civil Rights era and a new day has dawn, one in which Black America must move beyond old playbooks; but none know the way or have any clue as to how to do it.

Advancement will not come from following and or reacting to the above tactics, but from more innovative ones that does not depend on white direction but on Black vision. Instead of falling in line with the above directions of the enemy, we cannot believe every study written about us but must study ourselves; we cannot react to the negatives of what is reported or believed about us, but we must focus on the positive and strengthen it. 

We cannot continue participating in a political system that is not kind or concerned about Black advancement but as mere tokens, but we must design a system that addresses Black America's problems using the resources, manpower, and intellect we posses as a people. And this is only half the battle we fight in the war for complete liberation. The metaphysical battles are more intense and in need of more Black thinkers than ever.

The Metaphysical
Humanity is guided by forces unseen. Forces that obey spiritual commands of higher powers, not of man, but of nature. Cultures of old knew of the powers that guided humanity and communicated with them daily as a means of survival. All things natural and man-made are made of the forces unseen, soon revealed by those higher powers, and all things are in a constant, eternal reciprocal motion. Yet, all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.

Europeans are the only race of people on earth who were not born of a supreme God. The Asian peoples were born of ancient Hindu and Buddhist gods of structure and unity; the Hebrew and Jew were born of the Abrahamic gods of obedience, and the Africans were born of the gods of the earth, sun, and stars, of spirituality and enlightenment. These cultures make up the tri-essence of mankind but the European were never a part of that threefold union with the gods. Instead, the European created gods to himself.

All the cultures brought forth something to humanity that advanced them as people, races, and nations, such as language, mathematics, astrology, and ones of spirituality with the earth. The European, instead, brought forth a religion of paganism in worship of mythical gods that did not exist, satanic-type symbolism, and legends that represent holidays, celebrations and imaginary folk tales. They worshipped fictional gods unknown or recognized by the true gods and they exalted their gods when they came into power of the world.
Their gods, in fact, as well as their language, culture, and ethics are based on the other tri-essensent cultures of humanity. 

Everything they value as ancient in mind has been stolen from one culture or another and twisted and molded as their own. They are a people born of lies, illusions, and false gods. Therefore, at their highest form of organized civilization, the Illuminati-based New World Order is ruled by a force from the symbolism of Satanism, Luciferion practices, and idolatry, all man-made, all non-inspired from the gods on high.

In addition to historic and demonic organization of the European civilization, the enemy has transformed various parts of different cultural/religious truths into a religion he proclaims as his own, mingled with the demonic rituals of Illuminatism and the symbolism of satanic paganism. He has pushed this doctrine down the throats of the world's people and particularly to the detriment of Africans, Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora. In his conquest to rape the world and its indigenous peoples of their culture, he succeeded with the African continent, the Jewish people, most of the Asian people, and is currently working on the Islamic peoples.

This doctrine declares himself supreme, all-mighty, and as the Savior, yet only in humanistic terms. The spiritual effect will never succeed because it cannot and will never stand against what is true. The European lack the spiritual ingredients that allows people to live in harmony with others and the earth, thus in his attempt to spread his own stipulated definition of world peace through diplomatic relations with other cultures, he barbarically uses force through violence to persuade and gain friends, believing he is accomplishing the will of a higher authority. When in fact, he is fulfilling prophesy of old that foretells of an anti-godlike force that brings the world to a state of fear and apocalyptic state under a one-world government.

As a subordinate to his domination, Black America have for years staved off attacks, humiliation, injustice, and other forms of degradation in order to maintain a sense of pride and dignity as a people. However, in the struggle to maintain that pride, many of our so-called warriors have adapted the same disillusioned mind-set as the enemy, believing things not true about humanity and the world and that the spoils of religious obedience include worldly wealth and riches. As a result, entire sects of Blacks led by ignorant Black religious leaders are metaphysically and spiritually destroying an entire generation of people, wasting positive mental intellect and innovative ability.

These people are becoming quiet victims of the false prophet worked by the agenda of the beast under a regime bent on deceiving the world. Their headstrong refusal to put away their lust for material goods and acknowledge the need for true compassion, concern, and care for other people is a mere reflection of the greedy capitalist world they so love to imitate. The words and will of Christ has been tainted to accommodate the needs of self-fulfillment of a people soon to become willing followers of the New World Order, aka, the one world government of the anti-Christ.

The Rational Revolution
As a people subcontracted to the greater white society, Black America must promote leaders - not one but many - who will withdraw us from the mental poverty we have succumb to. Instead of protesting every derogatory word that the enemy can spew about us, we must rise above his words and create words of our own. No longer can we believe in the words he has attached to us. No longer can we believe in his studies that degrade us, his medicines that cripple us, or the remedies of life he has invented for himself. We must think hard and long about life, about truth, about humanity and design a plan that will combat the evil he has brought upon the world.

If some brave Black minds took it upon themselves to practice the techniques below to improve the state of Black America, we could rise up slowly and victoriously from underneath the oppression of white America. This effort cannot be an individual effort alone but a collective one. These strategies are ones built to be contrary to the ones already implemented by Blacks directly and indirectly by whites, for Blacks.

Political autonomy - Black America MUST break free from both American political parties and organize an all Black or minority party in alliance with other minorities. This will help establish recognition for all oppressed peoples in America, rather Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Islamic, or other. We cannot, neither can our brothers of color, continue to come as second in the games of white politics. By developing a minority party, we can demand more for our communities and raise more money for our causes in addition to our schools, colleges, health needs, economic standing and defense against injustice.

Change our cultural image - Black America MUST refrain from being the brunt of the entertainment business, including sports and the music industry by making white companies rich while we draw second-rate dollars. We should harness our talents and abilities to better our communities and not make the white man richer through exploitation of Black talent.

Excel in science - Black America MUST stop chasing false dreams of career paths that do more damage to the Black community than good. Careers are nothing more than daily psychological bondage, which drains the Black mind of energy and creates a consumer market of Black dollars. We must think toward developing operational communities that contain a skill set from every sector of world knowledge instead of following shallow degree courses into modern-day servitude. We must study the Black anatomy and not depend on white science to tell us who or how we function. We are a different breed of human than the European and we cannot allow him to attribute all negative ills toward us simply because we have not taken the time to study ourselves and what we need from this earth to survive.

Return to God - Black America must not become entangled with the immoralities of modern day liberal lifestyles that do-away with God-given morals and values. We must not fall victim to atheist thinking or unnatural behavior of human nature by allowing our children to mimic trendy behavior. We must remind them of a higher power that will guide and protect them from the evils of the world. The Black family should be primary on the agendas of so-called Black leaders and movements that claim to give back to the community or who truly want to make change. We must take the time to design community group movements that supplement the public school system and that teach family, parental responsibility and respect for marriage instead of depending on the school systems to do their damage to our children. Take our children out of the school system and teach them ourselves.

Leadership Council - Black America MUST establish a council of men and women who will research and find truth; who will dedicate themselves to developing movements that withdraw Black men, women and children from the American system of things. We must have wise minds untouched by capitalist greed, American immorality or impurity, but minds that can think for themselves instead of believing in every study or thesis written about our people by white men with selfish agendas. No longer can we wait for the numbers to come down that will tell us how many of us there are, how many will die of certain diseases, what risk we face in certain areas of life because of certain ways we live. No longer can we believe in and trust a system that considers our voice and vote as second rate compared to that of the white voice or vote. We cannot stand by any longer and allow bigoted white men who sit on judicial benches to judge our sons and daughters nor psychopathic white men hired as police and prison guards to discipline our children with brunt force.

Instead of Black America protesting about who said what or what Black person has what job at what America company; we need Blacks who will make change. Change toward development, not dependency. We need Black people who are not afraid to step down from their Hollywood post or their corporate job or their government position and gather together others like them to start a new era in Black development.

No longer do we need media-profiled Black Civil Rights men and women who do nothing but stand before the camera and talk politically correct talk to the approval of whites, but we need Black men and women who will say what they will when they want regardless of who is listening. We need the means to say what we want by way of our own television stations and radio stations and not ones funded by white corporations who hold the power to our words.

We must fight back against lying Black sell-outs who talk down about the urban poor or struggling Black families. We need voices that could care less what the media says about them but what words the people will hear. So what the CIA is listening and so what the FBI have covert COINTELPRO operations against Black development, this is what we want them to do to prove and reveal their psychopathological controlling nature to the world.

Who cares if the illegitimate IRS is seeking you or the court COMMANDS you appear; we should no longer have to stand in the face of injustice as a people in a country we did not ask to come to. To Hell with the State. To Hell with the diluted Constitution for it has proven to be counterfeit, and all the more Hell to the arsenal pointed at Black America for the day of destruction. We want white America and its forerunner - the demonic forces of the New World Order - to try to destroy Black America with all its might because it signals the beginning of the end of his reign of terror and his corrupt world.

Proverbial Appeal
Come out from among her my people, for she is ripe for destruction. America is a whore awaiting judgment in the dark chambers of hell. We cannot live any longer believing we have a dream to accomplish or that we have already accomplished. We must see things for what they actually are, which is we as Black people in this country are considered second class but have been brainwashed to think we are equal.

Though we are equal if not better, in the blue eyes of the white man, we are not worthy of the resources of the earth or the invention he lays claims to. For we should be thankful we are not stuck in Africa, is his thinking. And many of us believe this to be true. Maybe if we were "stuck" in Africa, our minds would not be as corrupt and as confused as it is. The so-called Black leaders have let us down by conforming to the days of evil. 

As an individual, please remember that if your mind stays free and untouched from the corruption of the day, you will rise the next day with an idea. As a leader remember, if you strive to give the people what they want, you must at least know what is good for their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, or you will otherwise give them all the things that will destroy them. As a people remember, when we see each other as we pass, there will always be there a common love by nature that will surface the very day we really need that love.