And this is why this Country Will Continue to Decline

It is not just incidences like this cowardness, but all over the world, the United States brutalizes people who cannot defend themselves against their Neanderthal and violent behavior.

And this is why this Country Will Continue to Decline

If you listen to the religious and political leaders of this country, bad things are happening to America because of homosexuality and abortion. But they never consider the fact that maybe it is because of how they have treated people for the last 1000 years.

If the Bible is their moral compass, and they measure their success according to its moral base, they have to understand that the bottom line of God’s will is that people should treat others as they would like to be treated.

The concepts of mercy, compassion, and righteousness are requirements of God’s grace and mercy, and if one shows no mercy or no compassion, they will receive neither; and they will be judged according to God’s righteous judgment, which is never wrong.

The following story is a microcosm of the brutality people of other cultures and races suffer at the hands of these brute beast.

A disturbing video of a Rancho Cordova police officer assaulting a Black teenager has once again gone viral.

In the clip that was shot by a bystander purportedly on Monday, a Rancho Cordova police officer is seen attempting to handcuff the teenager who is believed to be 14. The person who originally uploaded the tweet said the incident happened because of a cigar.

The unarmed teenager is punched repeatedly, has his neck squeezed and thrown from side to side.


They are cruel, unmerciful and brutal, and when bad things happen within the society of this country, this is why. Financial collapse, mass murder, drug addiction, family dysfunction, government corruption, economic inequality, homelessness, poverty and the like, God is no respect of persons or countries and all reap what they have sown into the world.

They truly believe that homosexuality is the reason for their problems but homosexuality is not the reason, widespread homosexuality within this country is a result of their underlying sins against humanity. Abortion also, is a curse set upon this country because they have neglected God’s will of how to treat other people with respect, kindness, and compassion.

In essence, the religious, Conservative America blames Liberal America for homosexuality and abortion for why the country is having issues but Conservative America neglect to consider their cruelty toward people of color as an issue. So long as this country continues to act out reflected in the kind of cruelness above, they will continue to draw the anger and curses of God.