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We play for the shear enjoyment of playing and for the love of music in hopes that others will enjoy our music too. Maybe we can bring something to the world through our expression.LISTEN TO SAMPLES


Our second CD was written with many people in mind. People from our family, some friends and those from our past. It was fun making it because we talked about alot of people many good times. LISTEN TO SAMPLES


The MackTown CD goes deep into the psyche of soul, classic jazz, and some real cool rhythm and blues. Written from a laid back time, 1 Down put this down with each individual of the group adding their own touch. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

New Season

New Season was created during a time of change for the band and the family. The music comes from the challenges that came and expresses how we made the best of whatever came our way. LISTEN TO SAMPLES


The keyboards is what gives Oceanview its flavor. Also, each member of the band wrote a song for the CD. Oceanview came at a time of spring weather and the excitement of warmer and more active days. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

Random Jive

A stimulating mixture of neo-soul brings our 6th CD Random Jive to life. Peppered with contemporary and smooth jazz, mellowed, back in the day rhythm and blues, this fresh album expressed 1 Down's love for music. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

When the Smoke Clears

The long awaited debut of our 7th CD is here! When the Smoke Clears advances the sounds of 1 Down like never before. A new, complicated jazz effect takes the listener into the world of cool, Neo-Soul Jazz and rhythm. LISTEN TO SAMPLES


On Untouchable we matured to a level of neo-soul with a touch of Jazz. We wanted to make you feel better about your life as we did with ours. The sounds of Untouchable is just what it says: Untouchable. LISTEN TO SAMPLES


Chameleon is a Best Of CD and takes a little of each from the other CDs. You can purchase Chameleon on the purchase page. Just know that you will definitely feel the music from Chameleon. LISTEN TO SAMPLES

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