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New York Times Keeps Racism Alive

An article entitiled: More Women Seek Divorces in Conservative West Africa in the New York Times is complete Bull S**t. It is the perfect example of Europeans pushing their culture into Africa and destroying it. Not only is the concept intrusive, but the images are stereotypical and racist. Below is an image of a West African couple; but look at their images in the article.


The New York Times published an article that was absolute bullshit; in a sense that it was not only false, but stereotypical, racist, and sheer propaganda. The title is: More Women Seek Divorces in Conservative West Africa.

All big and pretty on their front page, the article leads to a twisted psychopathological view of the world through the eyes of an apparent racist who agrees with Trump’s “shithole country” analysis.

First of all, not only does the article reveal the ignorance of traditional American race hatred and white feminist theory through its content and imagery, but the so-called attorney firms and law groups they mention in the article are bogus; they are not even real if Googled.

By reading the article, the reader would think that African lawyers are dealing with the problem and applying solutions based on the culture of Africa. However, if you read deeper and look harder, you would see that there are no pictures showing who is doing the counseling, until you stumble on another Other article, like I did.

Here are the pictures presented by the author:



And here is the picture of the actual culprit.


Of course, a white woman is behind this. Who in their right mind, would dedicate their lives to learning law, traveling to West Africa to intentionally intrude in and destroy the lives of a people minding their own business? What demonic force of nature would possess a woman to present reasons for divorce on people who probably never had to deal with the same problems as American couples?

This type propaganda is typical of the New York Times and the entire media sphere in America. They talk diversity and equality but behind closed, racists ass doors, they are nothing more than the self-centered narcissist living a life in cultural paranoia and low self-esteem.

Here's the original article from NYT

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