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Hospitals now must post list prices for their procedures

Not only should they list the cost, but they should explain them also. People should go to the hospital information assistance office and ask all the questions they need to understand why prices are so high for small procedures.


Sen. Rand Paul going to Canada for hernia surgery

What a hypocrite and privileged A-hole. This guy hates socialized healthcare and would vote against Medicare for all for the people of his own country, but go to another country that does have healthcare for all and get surgery. Talk about hypocrisy.


Stephen Miller is making America hostile to immigrants

This man is a pure bigot. From the start, he has implemented his own racist views into American policy and this president is the voice of discrimination. This is how racism is kept alive in America, by people with hate in their hearts.


New York Times Keeps Racism Alive

An article entitiled: More Women Seek Divorces in Conservative West Africa in the New York Times is complete Bull S**t. It is the perfect example of Europeans pushing their culture into Africa and destroying it. Not only is the concept intrusive, but the images are sterotypical and racist. Below is an image of a West African couple; but look at their images in the article.


Big Pharma raises prices on hundreds of drugs

Even though the Pharma companies vowed not to raise prices last year because Trump asked them not to, they have done it for this year and will probably continue doing it year after year like they always have.


Teachers quit their jobs in record numbers during 2018

The Conservatives are purposely underfunding public schools in an attempt to let them fail so they can promote private schools and legal segregation. However, they are hurting their own people and children in the process.