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Banks Want You to Buy More on Credit: Don’t Do It!

In a plea to maintain the economy, the Federal Reserve is encouraging people to buy more on credit. This is an old game played by the wealthy as a plot to increase debt. As long as people owe, they must and will work under any circumstances.


Pedophile Priest is a crisis, not Black men

The media would have you believe that Black men are dangerous pedophiles proven by the latest media documentaries and public lynching of high profiled people. But whatever is in the dark always comes to the light.


Only the Law Can bring Law and Order to Gun Violence

In 2005, a law was passed by Congress that protects gun manufacturers from law suits. This opened a window to encourage them to push gun sales on a public who was not prepared to deal with the consequences of higher murder rates and more mass shootings.


Only Smart Nations Learn to Advance in Industry

It would seem only logical that civilization advances overtime and societies learn to adapt to life and the earth accordingly. The Industrial Revolution, for example, helped the world to advance using stream and fuel-powered machines that made life easier.


Ridding the Nation of the Electoral College

The Definition of Democracy is Every One Gets a Vote. The idea of every single person casting a vote and that vote determining the elected official seems to scare the hell out of Republicans. Why? Because they know that the majority of the people would not vote for them simply on their policies.


The Presidential Bull Horn for Violence

As always, white folks are resorting to violence when they cannot reasonably get their way. This president literally blew a bull horn to warn his followers to take violent action once he has fallen.