Macktown Intro

Macktown was founded in 1805 and sat just inside the eastern border of Maryland. It was a mid-size city with a smoke-stained skyline from generations of blue collar production. During the early 1960's, however, Macktown had gotten misplaced in the natural chain of social progression. Its voice faded from public ears and its people turned into shadows; drifting into a somewhat gone but not forgotten photo album. But from the void of nonexistence became a culture forced to carry on and operate on its own; who developed laws, principles and a standard of pride that empowered them to rise far above and beyond the society that left them behind.

Macktown Mindset

Macktown is unlike any town or city you have known because it is outside of the general population by force of the general population itself. The city was cut off and thrown away because it resisted the rules, laws and ethics of traditional culture and learned to survive on its own. Destiny created Macktown because when it reached such a low point of operation and hit rock bottom on the social class scale, according to the standard of popular culture, it was left to fend for itself. In that self-sufficient mode, it grew to exceed the expectations of general society. In other words, when they were kicked out of society, they built one better. And every since, it has grown and prospered and now out of pure jealousy the general society wants to destroy it. But the people will not allow it.

Book 1

    The Hood and Humphrey Lawson

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Book 3

    The Lawson/Towns War

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excerpt of macktown

    The Flashback

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Book 2

    All About the West Side

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Book 4

    Callin' Shots

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