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bet (2K)The Racism and Chicken-Pecking Behind the BET Network

No more light-hearted commentary about the degenerate television programming of the Black Entertainment Television network as read on most passivist Black websites. As one of the most unproductive television networks in the business, BET has hit bottom; coming under attack from the very people it supposedly serves. BET is suppose to be Black America’s claim to progress in this dismal, racist country and its history yet, truth is, racism itself fuels its programming schedule with Chicken-Pecking is its driving force.

Chicken-pecking means that there is a Black face as a front to the public for the white racism behind the scenes. It means that a Black person – as representative of the BET brand - has succumbed to the Devil’s offer and sold theirs and their people’s souls for profit. Despite the whole counterfeit BET operation, Black people are not stupid as whites would love to disillusion themselves by; we see that nothing wholesome comes from BET, but the programming is meant to dilute Black thinking and neutralize any attempt at intelligent progress in terms of innovation and creation.

FiftyIn other words, the sitcoms, the old Black movies, the empty religious broadcasting and the whole stereotypical gangster Hip Hop scene is televised to Black America instead of anything positive or thought provoking because someone at BET either believes that Blacks have no intellectual ability to process anything but slow-witted programming or they purposefully broadcast this mess because they are afraid of offering anything hands-on to the Black public for fear it would spark brain electrodes and Blacks will learn and begin to build their lives and communities.

Somewhere, someone is withholding ideas for television programming that would otherwise benefit Blacks instead of defusing them. Debra Lee, the new CEO of BET obviously does not care about what Blacks see. This must be a truth because there has been no change of programming on BET since Bob Johnson left, who also allowed exploitation of the Black community. There has been no attempt to bring the Black news broadcast back and no attempt to bring anything positive and healing to Blacks.

ExploitThere are no new shows, no innovative host, people or debate, educational, political or any kind of shows that would help develop positive images of Blacks in America or the world. And the BET website is just as bad; offering relentless entertainment gossip as if Blacks have not the ability to process anything news worthy or cogently worthwhile, not to mention the soft porn hidden only a few directories under the front page that they peddle to Black readers, who could possibly be between the ages of 8 and 15.

Now, either Ms. Lee has no vision for BET and is not competent enough for the job or she is only bowing to the demands of white corporations that know exactly what they are doing by not offering the Black community anything of worth. Racism and apathy therefore plays a large part in what we see on BET.

See, white corporations – the many sponsors of BET – tell BET what they will support and what they will not. So as long as Blacks are fed negative, brain neutralizing garbage, they are happy because this guarantees that Blacks will remain misinformed and ignorant of what is truly happening in the world, and because the majority of BET’s audience is young, this guarantees another generation of brain-dead, controllable knuckleheads instead of productive, thinking citizens.

Stop fooling the people and yourselves and see that BET is nothing more than an avenue for attaching stereotypes to Blacks. This is racism at its most devious, 21st century form. The reason no one will stand up and say anything is because if they get close enough to expose what is truly happening, they too, like Ms. Lee, will be bought off by white greed and corruption behind the scenes.

No one Black can work for BET and not sell their and their people’s soul for a cool 6-figues; this is what is happening or either the generation who are currently employed by BET come from the results of their programming, which is a dilution of the mind into oatmeal, white passivism of chicken-pecking status.

Black America must NOT support this station or its website because it is so obvious what they are doing and what they are not going to do. There are no intentions of bettering BET programming because the owners and sponsors want to continue feeding Blacks trivial waste and the world negative images of Blacks, and those who supposedly work for BET allow it because they are paid to.

Of all the talent in Black America, you mean to tell me that there is not one intelligible Black person who can hold a positive talk show down, offer productive advice on matters of financial budgeting, child-rearing, good health advice, or educational direction to the Black audience? Are you telling me that there are no competent creators of positive Black programs in the entire mass of Black American talent that BET can hire? The answer is hell yes, there is but BET does not want those kind of Black people, they want N****s who wanna get paid and have that BET bling status, like Ms, Lee herself as quoted as saying in an interview upon her hiring,

LeeOn a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your bling? On a day-to-day basis, I would say six. For black-tie, I would say nine, depending on which event it was. I’m a jewelry fiend. It’s one of my weaknesses.What designers do you wear?

I wear a lot of Armani, Rena Lange and Valentino. But I like a lot of young, up-and-coming designers that people haven’t heard much of as well.

Again, Black people are not stupid. Most conscious and legitimate television networks serve their audiences with some type of targeted programming except for the illegitimate BET network. Even the food channels are not irresponsible enough to broadcast McDonald’s as a healthy alternative for growing children. The home-improvement shows do not suggest moving to the ghetto and renovating the projects; likewise, ABC, NBC, or CBS, in all their politically correct censorship of television does not broadcast implications of pedophilia, rape, or incest to families at prime time so why does BET promote sex, female exploitation, or anything ghetto, negative Black, and criminal to Black children and families.

The results of Ms. Lee’s time at BET show no improvement, change or possibility of change. It is unproductive, negative and a bad example to young Blacks who seek a career in broadcasting or want to make a change for the better for Black America. She has sold completely out and no one should be surprised to learn that she may be in bed with some of the white faces behind the racism and Chicken-pecking of the BET network. The promise of the literal white-picket fence has power over the sisters after all yall.

Get involved in forcing change at BET by submitting the campaign letter to them at the following link below.

Sign the Letter

© May 2007 by CR Hamilton

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