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A Perfect Example of Today's Racism

The purpose of Afromerica is to inform Black-America (particularly the unbelieving ones) that racism still exists, only in subtler forms, and how we can combat this racism. Many times we at Afromerica have brought to light the subtle innuendoes of racism from many fronts, such as media bias, discriminatory studies, and racial overtones that stereotype Blacks, type-casting them into demeaning social roles. The study below, released by the National Center for Educational Statistics, is a perfect example of pure, uncut racism in its most devious and condescending form.

The study shows the average GPA standings of graduating high school students categorized by race. This is the first innuendo of racial discord in America. Why are all studies and statistics based primarily on race? Though many studies are divided by age, gender, class, and even buying preferences, why is race even a factor? This confirms America's racial prejudices if nothing else.

It may seem innocent because it has been done so much. Many Blacks are not moved by studies based on race because they are used to it, and are used to seeing themselves usually at the bottom of the stats. But other races, countries and cultures see these and think only one thing. Each time they see stats of any kind based on race comparing whites, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Blacks, they see Blacks at the bottom, which reinforces to them that Blacks are naturally underachievers at whatever the study.

This is how America maintains superiority over Blacks. They are killing two birds with one stone. First, they are telling the world that Blacks are ignorant underachievers and second, they are telling Blacks the same thing. What is sad is that after so many years of seeing yourself at the bottom of the pile, one will start to believe it. For instance, psychologist suggests that parents never tell their children that they are stupid because the child will eventually believe it.

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Black Assisted Racism

When white scholars and so-called experts evaluate social, political, economic, or psychological standings of the American culture, they are sure to release the findings according to race, which keeps the Black-American in plain view of the world. It also keeps them pondering to themselves how pathetic they must be compared to all other cultures in America.

This practice is racism at its uttermost extremity. It is witness against itself simply because it base findings on race, how apparent is that? What more proof could anyone ask? If every study and finding were based on anything other than race, the social image and self-worth of Blacks would improve, guaranteed. However, whites know this so they will always base their findings on race and engineer Blacks at the bottom.

The study could be as menial as who eats the most sandwiches in a year. If it is bad to eat more than others, whites would find a way to put Blacks at the top. If the study were who has the highest or lowest of anything, who does the most, who has the least or who cannot do it at all, Blacks are always at the extreme end of failure. This is how they maintain racial superiority and keep Blacks at a distance, by using academic studies and opinion polls. Nevertheless, the study below says, of course, that Blacks have the lowest GPAs in the country.

Student performance serves as an important indicator of the quality and rigor of a high school education, assuming teacher standards have not changed. An investigation of the trends in academic achievement provides valuable information to assess this indicator. A common measure of the nation's high school students' academic achievement is the grade point average (GPA). Although the scale used to determine GPA varies from school to school, the most common scale is the four-point grade scale. In this scale, the letter grades 'A' equals four points, and the scale progresses on down to zero points for the letter grade 'F'. This is the four-point grade scale used by the High School Transcript Study (HSTS) to compute each student's GPA.
chart_gpa (12K)

Hispanics have somehow surpassed Blacks in GPA averages above population. Also, whites are subtle enough to place Asian-Americans at the top in a sad attempt at unpretentious impartiality. All studies of any social-behavioral sort are based wholly on individual ability, not race, class, or personal income.

For example, there are some college educated white males holding government offices that are simply perverted. There are the same who are as ignorant as a rock, and some who have committed some of the vilest acts of immorality in private than anyone ever could. This is not a racial issue; it is a personal choice of lifestyle.

These studies are socially engineered to discredit Blacks and always will be. The logic behind why race is even a factor has gone unanswered and will always remain a mystery as long as whites continue a distain hatred for Blacks.

Afromerica says, never believe these statistics because there is a motive behind them; one which will always undermine the advancements and achievements of Blacks in America. Some Blacks will remain unbelievers of this theory by using the argument that "maybe Blacks are at the bottom and cannot perform as well as others." They mean well but they are only proclaiming what white America wants them to. The very Blacks who have fallen victim to the psychological browbeating speak loudly for the white race. It is these Blacks who they are talking about in these polls. The less, worst, last, and stupidest.

Stay Strong

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Further reading:
Blame the Black Intellect: The New Oppression Strategy
Inducing Blacks to Blame Ourselves

© 2004 by AfroStaff

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