Corporate America Moving Closer toward Modern Day Slavery

Not only are large corporations working prisoners for free, but now they are using drug addicts. Disguised as a tough love drug rehab program, "patients struggling with addiction work for free for some of the biggest companies in America, likely in violation of federal labor law."

The company behind this idea is The Cenikor Foundation, in reports out of Texas and Louisiana. "Cenikor's success is built on a simple idea: that work helps people recover from addiction. All participants have to do is surrender their pay to cover the costs of the two-year program."

The companies who used the patients were Exxon Mobil, Shell, and Walmart. There are also reports that companies like Cenikor exist in many states throughout the country that promise rehabilitation to drug addicts only to use them for free labor.

This is a sign that large corporations and the CEOs who run them operate purely off greed and the love of money. They have no concern for humanity or individual freedom and will stoop to levels of slave labor simply to make themselves wealthy.

This mindset is a result of years of corporate domination of society and their power and influence over politicians and the government. Too many politicians are in bed with these modern day Oligarchs and have fallen to the lust and greed of money and get high off injustice.

The U.S. Supreme Court, also, has sided with the corporations by granting them the Constitutional right to contribute as much money as they deem necessary to politicians under the guise of free speech. This law in itself should be unconstitutional.