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Posted on 25 Jun 2019

The reason nothing has changed economically for the working class in this country is because the old money families have not changed their view of the world. They do not consider the concept of advancing civilization; instead, they are set firm on their ideology of keeping things the same, mainly their fortunes.



Posted on 25 Jun 2019

Mike Pence’s claim to orthodox Christianity has been permanently tainted. This man has clearly violated any sacred, personal covenants with the Most High God. His original sin being, standing behind this president and his cruel and fearful policies from the beginning. Since then, has agreed to every sinful and unethical act Trump has committed.



Posted on 22 Jun 2019

Enforcers of inhumane laws and policies that harm defenseless and innocent people attempt to justify their behavior by claiming they “are just doing their jobs.” That the orders come from the top down to them and they are obligated to do what they are told. This can only be justified when the orders do not enact suffering or get someone killed.



Posted on 18 Jun 2019

The last few years of this presidency has revealed that a large portion of American citizens are just like Donald Trump. They are closeted racist first, now free to spew hatred; they are mean-spirited, vindictive, spiteful and selfish. Just like their leader.


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