Every W.H. Immigration and Citizenship Policy Will backfire all at Once

No matter how hard this administration seeks to change or hinder immigration, the underlying principle is based on cruelty and deception, which is why it will fail miserably. The fact is, the immigration issue is exaggerated and stem from the underpinning of false terrorist threats.

Before 911, there were no terror threats to this country. Terrorism was a thing that happened overseas in the darkness of war-torn countries within countries other than the United States. After 911 however, terrorism became a threat right outside your door based on the hype of political fear-mongers and racist.

As information became more available to the public through the Internet and world wide networks, we now know that any terrorist organization organized against the United States was the result of average people living in other countries who were tired of American occupation and cruelty toward their people.

On the domestic front, the media zeroed in on any suspected terrorist act within the United States based on constant 911 calls from paranoid citizens and people who simply disliked middle easterners. Shootings by a person of Middle Eastern descent became a terrorist act and the fear-mongering by American nationalist movements heightened out of fear and beyond any real reason.

The delusion spun out of control to include a wall to keep people out preceded by lies about other people who were not even middle eastern, but Hispanic. To this day, news stories of murderous immigrants and potential rapist lead the headlines in false media campaigns to continue the lies.

Now, in a pathetic attempt to politicize the lie of terrorism, the W.H. has proposed a new immigration bill that would seek people on a merit bases to potentially weed out any undesirables. An entire agency has been created to use force against people who are perceived as foreign and has an accent. This is not intellectually crafted, but is bigoted based.

For that reason, natural law will seep through the illusion created by the bigots at the top and reveal the hate that fuels all the W.H. policies and find a way to infect the economic, cultural, and social foundation of the country, even further. Hypocrisy, deception, lies, racism, and other characteristics of a cruel country are surfacing as laws and policies become more obviously corrupt and one-sided.

The truth of illegal foreign policy, corrupt American officials and the racist rage of the average American citizen will continue to surface as violence spreads and as they practice genocide on innocent families, children and defenseless people who have never meant them any harm whatsoever.

Immigrants are not a threat to this country; in fact, they help the country in many ways. People from other countries are just that, people from other countries. They are no worse or better than the average American citizen. The solution to immigration is as simply as this: let them in, interview them, educate them, put them to work and treat them the same as every other citizen.