Flint Finally Getting Some Government Help

We all know the root problem with the Flint water crises was how the government diverted water from Lake Huron, a natural source of fresh water, to the Flint River, a polluted source of water. In the below proposal, it does not look like they are trying very hard to return to a fresh water source.

"The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality announced a $77.7 million loan to the city. Interest will be zero percent and 100 percent of the principal will be forgiven, effectively making it a grant."

Flint will use the money on the following projects:
-- Completion of a pipeline hooking up to a secondary water source.
-- Improvements to the Dort and Cedar Street Reservoir and Pump Station.
-- Construction of a new chemical feed building.
-- Replacement of the Northwest Transmission Main.
-- Various water main replacement work.
-- Water meter replacements.
-- Water quality monitoring panels.

Advocates should keep an eye on the progress and milestones of this project to make sure the change goes well and that the people who were harmed from the polluted water gets proper medical attention.