The U.S. Has Started a Covert War in Venezuela

The conflict in Venezuela has intensified this week as the opposition leader, "Juan Guaido on Tuesday made his strongest call yet to the military to help him oust President Nicolas Maduro."

The crisis began when the elected president, Maduro, refused to step down behind allegations of being ill-elected. Afterward, Guaido was placed in office by the United States, to act as president and since then half the country stands with Guaido and the other half with Maduro, who has the military on his side.

According to the United Nations, however, most countries disapprove of Guaido's interim presidency because they feel the people elected Maduro fair and square, (like they say the U.S. voters elected Trump fair and square); yet 50 other nations stand behind Guiado and the U.S. and want regime change.

The U.S. claims that Maduro is mistreating his people and have plunged the country into poverty so the U.S. wants to go and save the country from this so-called dictator. The truth of the matter is, the U.S. has another motive behind why they want the regime change, which by all the measures of history, is the Venezuelan oil reserves.

Nevertheless, the clashes happening now are the first time there has been any real violence in the country between the factions. Guiado was seen encouraging the people and the military to rise up against the Maduro regime but Maduro, the military and half of the people is resisting.

Guiado was seen flanked by over 70 troops during the demonstrations, the question is, where did the troops come from if the military is on Maduro's side? Many speculate they came from neighboring country Colombia, who also backs Guaido, and some defected from Maduro's army, yet others are now speculating they come from a covert operation force called Blackwater.

"Erik Prince - the founder of the controversial private security firm Blackwater and a prominent supporter of U.S. President Donald Trump - has been pushing a plan to deploy a private army to help topple Venezuela's socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, four sources with knowledge of the effort told Reuters."

"The wealthy son of an auto-parts tycoon has fielded private security contractors in conflict zones from Central Asia to Africa to the Middle East."

This is an attempt by the U.S. to take control of Venezuela and their oil reserves using strong arm tactics of a covert, private war. It will not be televised in its full theatrics yet it will be happening day by day right in front of our faces, like it has been happening for years in the other countries.

The consequences of this operation could lead to another world war with two other major world powers that back Maduro, Russia and China, along with Cuba. This is dangerous times we live in right now and the reason for this is orchestrated by greed, power, and oil.