Sun May 19 2019

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The US Has Taken the International Role of Terrorist

As the news media trumps up the threat of war with Iran based on mostly false allegations coming from the White Houses' Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton, Iran has appealed to the International community, mainly Russia and China, to keep the peace.

Prolife Should Mean Always Caring for Life

The dilemma behind the abortion fight has its flaws on both sides. One side, the Prolifers claim no one should abort their baby under any circumstances while the Prochoicers claim that women have the ultimate right over their own bodies to decide. Neither side seems concerned about the mother or the child afterward.

How America Made Driving a Criminal Act

Leave it to the authoritarian nature of the United States to turn aspects of driving into a criminal act. Unpaid traffic violations use to be misdemeanors and at most lead to the lost of a person's driving privileges, but many states have turned in into an offense warranting arrest.

Fascism is in Your Face

Full blown fascist countries restrict citizens from speaking against the government and any government authorities. Citizens are jailed and sometimes killed to send a message to the others. The United States is now in the last phase of fascism.

U.S. Instigating War with Iran; For No Reason

Remember you read these words. There is no credible threat to the U.S. coming from Iran. Anything you hear out of the media they claim is a threat is a flat out lie. The war hawks Bolton and Pompeo will use any excuse to go to war for no reason other than insanity.

More Jobs does not bring Down the Cost of Living

News Anchors and wealthy right-wingers are celebrating the new jobs numbers and the low unemployment rate, calling them historic and unprecedented, in an attempt to set the stage for a Trump second term. But anyone with a real brain and not a media-washed one knows that having a job does not change the cost of living.

The Evils of Bondage, and Business in America

White America and its corporate class is reverting back to physical bondage of people who are not white. What they do not understand in doing so; however, is this primitive move toward human capital will surely bring the country to a lower level of morality and another bloody civil war.