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Afro Talking Points

  1. Divide the country in two - Republican Nation & Democrat Nation
  2. Trump followers are America's racist
  3. Capitalism has failed
  4. Time to take America from Whites
  5. God is NOT a white man

Afro Commentary

Dr Amos Wilson Moving Beyond White Supremacy Civil Rights Toward Revolution

How the Devil Steals the Souls of Black Folks - Black America has missed the point and purpose of Christianity. Please watch the entire video.

Guns and Bibles Defend Against the New Socialism
From Baseball and apple pie to guns and bibles, the traditional American pastime is regressing back to a more revolutionary state. Like the days of the early settlers, an abnormal negation of existence continues to afflict the minds of America's leaders; whether to trust in God and pass the ammunition or to destroy God and print more money...More

Organized Slavery in a Free Market
The American economy is based on the monetary theory of capitalism; the Free Market system of entrepreneurship and free will choice. However, the current economic meltdown in America has placed that theory in question...More

Why White America Fears Black Liberation Theology
For 6 years Afromerica has promoted the theory of Black Nationalism, the original doctrine of the new Black Liberation Theology. Recently, through the media montages of Rev. Jeremiah Wright have we learned that America fears the words he speak and the concept behind those words, which is a form of Black Liberation Theology. For clarification purposes, and to all those (Blacks and whites) who are ignorant to the meaning of BLT, here is a summary:..More

True Black Nationalism: An Alternative to the Civil Rights Movement
The hypothesis white America fears most is the theory of Blacks governing their own nation, especially Blacks from America. There have been - and continue to be - rigorous efforts to thwart the development of an entirely Black-run nation within the U.S. and even Africa - where whites directly or indirectly rule through actions of imperialism...More

Home    Community    Education    Entertainment    Family    Health    Justice    Black Ethics    Politics    Spirituality    World Culture

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