Black America: Be Careful What You Ask For

Economic empowerment, unapologetic leadership, our own land, schools, and now our own social media platforms, Youtubes, and Twitter; Black America constantly demand "their own." To their credit, many brothers and sisters have put forth an effort to make those things happen.

In urban cities across the nation, Black community activist invest their time and money into projects protests that demand and give Blacks sovereign rights and self-sufficiency, yet there is still a long way to go; in the physical world and in the cyber world.

Social media advertising online is the new grassroots mobilization that gets politicians elected and that make movements happen. Educating the Black community to the new cyber revolution is vital in keeping us informed and aware of our immediate surroundings.

One mentioned website;, has put together "our own" in many ways. Video, audio, social media and ecommerce solutions are available and free to anyone who wants to expand their horizons or get their message out.