Nickel Droppers: Witchcraft, Lesbianism, and the Over-Sexuality of Black Women

Old fashion mothers and grandmothers use to tell their daughters and neighboring young sisters to keep a nickel between their knees whenever in the presence of a young man. And to never drop that nickel by opening their legs. If only that logic had remained in play, there would not be so many single mothers in the Black community today.

The concept of the nickel represented purity, self-control, and a sense of morality, and not only has dropping the nickel led to millions of Black children living in poverty and Black men in jail, but also a loss of self-control, morality and a solid grip on spirituality. Instead, Black women have opened themselves up to unfettered sexuality, lives of struggle and heartache, and a world of mischievous forces driving them daily.

From a physical perspective, over-sexuality in women causes them to ponder on physical characteristics of men such as looks and size while overlooking the their deeper subconscious needs and desires for affection, stability and other such needs that women would normally get from a man. While distracted from reality, women tend to drift into a fantasy world and soon come to expect that fantasy to come true from men who have impure intentions toward them.

A lack of affection and true love from superficial men takes an emotional toll on the heart and mind and eventually distorts the woman's ability to put her life into proper perspective or to control casual relationships. Once a woman has lost her ability to control her life and desires, they tend to drift from one sexual encounter to another seeking something they deeply desire but do not understand. They have blocked out any chances of true love from sincere men because they have been blinded by their own fantasies and physical appetites.

Frequent broken relationships ending in heartache causes women to doubt true love, which causes them to doubt the concept of God and the laws of love, trust and compassion. Afterward, they drop into an alternative form of thinking and behaving, usually, mistrust of others, an appetite for vengeance, and vindictiveness that returns meanness toward others. Thus we have the "angry Black woman syndrome." It is these women who begin to use their bodies as a tool to manipulate men.

From this point, some women come to grips with their troubles and search for the morality they lost by returning the nickel between their knees and decide to wait for a real man, while other women resort to seeking out fulfillment in alternative ways such as sexuality and love from weaker, more damaged women or mental control of a feminized man. The object is to both weaken the other woman and draw them into a sexual relation, or to emasculate a softer man. Either way, they seek to regain control of their own lives by dehumanizing others.

However, after awhile of mental manipulation of others in an attempt to bring them under submission, these women find that method mentally and emotionally exhausting and resort to more subtle, unconscious methods of control. This escape from the conscious reality lays the foundation to alternative lifestyles and causes the soul to drift toward the expanded world of unconventional spirituality.

They soon begin to experiment with darker powers of control through practices of voodoo, spells and witchcraft. Not only do they seek to alter the destiny and fate of their own lives, but they attempt to take control and sometimes vengeance on others using these dark methods.

In essence, these women have lost touch with humanity and morality and have entered a world they believe is more accepting and sensitive to their pain; a world where they can draw off that pain and express it through creating another reality. In this reality of theirs, they feel no pain but take joy in the sufferings and pain of others. These women are the epitome of the old saying misery loves company; when in reality they live in fear; the fear of love, of showing emotion and of losing control of their feelings, and they build a shield of resistance of never allowing another to have any control over their feelings or life again. Once the resistance grows stronger, they further reduce their chances of ever meeting the type of man they truly need.

To remain safe behind their wall, they shield themselves within rituals reflective of the earth such as fire, wind, and water and the burning of aromas with candles and incense, and they cover themselves with lotions, oils and paint to protect against outside spirits. Using incantations and repetitive chants they condition their minds for war. Some women accidentally tap into spiritual forces that respond to their wishes, which mislead them into thinking they are on the right track. Nevertheless, this is the power of spirituality.

The problem comes in when these women run across powers that override their own: powers such as love, truth, and faith; the very same powers they believe betrayed them and pushed them to the dark side. The only difference this time is those powers is from the original source and not infiltrated from the society they so hate. One of the most difficult tasks from the original source is liberating a scarred woman from the powers of darkness. Her trust is shattered and her heart is distorted, and she has lost the ability to discern what is true and what is not.

Fortunately, some can be found and brought back to reality, while others have developed a permanent sense of resistance to positive spiritual energy. Those who are retrievable are what is called core babies; women who are born and raised with love and were nurtured. The other women are what are called shell babies, where there is no core. They were thrown into the world by the dark side from the start and they have never been able to relate to people or any men who are core babies. Only love can bring them to the light.

One such way to draw closer to the light of love is to resist the darker world. Sexuality is a powerful force that has wreaked havoc throughout the world for eons. It is a demonic force that controls the deepest parts of the human body and soul. It masquerades as love yet reveals itself as a thief in the end. This is why generations of mothers and grandmothers have drawn from their wisdom and taught young women to keep the nickel between their knees.