A Spiritual Breakdown of What Is Happening in America

If you are watching cable news and trying to piece together the splices of breaking news dissected by experts, legal analysis, and pundits, you are locked in a zone of reality television. Moreover, you are not getting the truth about anything and your eyes are literally closed.

Yes, you think you are following the stories and have a handle on what is happening but none of it is what is actually happening. The three branches of government are fighting and reporters are weighing in on the battle but nothing else is reported that has any real significance to the people of the country.

Included in the mix are political candidates vying for attention, new and old policy agendas and promises being made, yes, you have heard it all before, yet are interested because it is your duty to be in the know of politics and whose side to be on and what position to take on any given issue.

Now open your eyes. The American Republic is being taken over by an affluent few who live in a world the average citizen have never seen and can only dream of. The celebrated Democracy called the United States of America is slowly being dismantled right before the eyes of the nation, yet the people cannot lift a finger to fight back because they have been paralyzed and handcuffed.

Over the past 40 years, the wealthy have slowly shackled the nation by restricting rights, isolating the populous from one another, gathering individual data via surveillance and draining every ounce of hope, faith, and passion from each individual to the point the nation is drugged up, overworked drones and superficial consumers.

You think your political party has your interest at heart and will represent you and your family? Wrong! Both parties have been bought by the affluent few and will do whatever they tell them to do. Why do you think things have only been getting worse and not better over the past 40 years? It was a plan designed back in the days before the Vietnam War.

Do you actually think voting will solve the problems or one political candidate will make that change we have all been waiting for that would make life easier for us? No way. They get into office full of ambition and a year later they disappear out of the headlines and bow to the demands of the wealthy.

War, special interest, smaller government, more taxes, higher cost, lower wages, more debt; is all a plan to keep you bound, weak, and in despair. That way when it all hit the fan you will have no energy to challenge them or pose a threat.

Donald Trump is not the problem; he is the useful idiot the wealthy are using to distract the nation while they change laws, policies and court decisions to their favor.

Focus on this for a moment: Donald Trump is not the problem; he is the useful idiot the wealthy are using to distract the nation while they change laws, policies and court decisions to their favor. Trump's racism and divisive rhetoric keeps us perplexed and in shock, which desensitizes us to anything of lesser evil.

The news media is in on it too. They work for the affluent few because the affluent few pay them to broadcast whatever they tell them to; keeping focus off the issues we all want and need to know about. They have stooped to the level of blatantly lying to the American public, distracting from voter fraud and cheating, Jim Crow type justice, the violation of human rights of immigrants while they take civil rights from actual citizens, and they gloss over the rise in white terrorism that threatens people of color.

They are not talking about the many war crimes committed against innocent people around the world or the violence America is perpetrating against smaller countries as they loot their resources and murder their people. They demonize other governments to use as an excuse to pillage and plunder, while they do the exact same thing to their own people. They are making light of (and blatantly ignoring) the dismantling of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the rights and freedoms the people have had for most of their lives.

But the affluent is just one half of the equation. In addition to the greedy warmongers, they have brought along with them a group of delusional white people who believe they are supreme to any other race. In the lust of entitlement, low-class white folks are leaching onto the power of this affluent few in order to gain a sense of power over people of color, even around the world as the warmongers try to overthrow the democracies of other counties.

"The love of money is the root of all evil." However, what these low-class whites do not understand is that greed knows no color. The affluent few will throw them some crumbs to keep them above people of color but that is all they will get. But that is fine with them, as long as they are above any person of color.

This is the new country being put into place right now. There will be no co-equal branches of government after the plan is complete in a few years. There will only be one government, the new world order, and the populous will be gig economy having, service working, modern day slaves. All this is taking place right now while the people bury themselves in their smart phones, and binge on Netflix and reality television.

By the time the people wake up - especially the low-class white folks - the affluent few will have them bound, broken and chained to a fence. Only a few will escape this soon to be medieval society; and those are the people who can clearly see the men of perdition and who know their end game; and that is because they have been given the Key of Liberation.